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  2. Some of the NPC's in the mall are missplaced They should be at their normal spots so people can find them
  3. Last week
  4. nikizxc

    Verbal abuser
  5. Claus

    Can't play

    Greetings, Have you downloaded our patches, launcher ? If not, you can download them from here. Please delete cache when your patches are completely downloaded and placed in the "data" folder. If you complete all these steps and the game still doesn't want to run properly, download it again from the links we've provided.
  6. Claus

    Im sorry :(

    Greetings Wingstar, You used a cheat program on purpose, which means you are not sorry about what happened with your account, because otherwise you wouldn't use the program. You were aware that you could get caught and you still cheated. By my opinion you should wait for your ban to expire. The ban appeal section is for players that were banned wrongly (if they feel it like this) and they ask for reconsideration. I'm locking this topic for further replies. /lock
  7. The waypoint in ICC didn't activate so we can't TP back and forth It's supposed to activate whenever we reach it
  8. thebbe

    ICC Saurfang door bugged

    We killed Saurfang quite quickly and now the door won't open The door should open when he dies
  9. Dementis

    Im sorry :(

    Just to be assured i haven't banned you wrongly. Wingstar.mp4
  10. Wingstar

    Im sorry :(

    Hello, I recently got banned for speed hacking. I'm sorry about this and I promise it wont happen again. You were really kind to me and I fcked up He is Vandir. Yes i want to get unbanned to can play seriously on game and stop using hack. My character name is Wingstar My account name is Hunter07
  11. The Black Cat

    Can't play

    I keep getting this screen, i have NO idea how to fix it
  12. Alex

    Death Knight Ice Bound Fortitude bug

    The spell has been temporarily disabled as it caused many troubles in the past, players literally abused it. We will keep you in touch with the progress of it being implemented back. (if any) Regards, Lex
  13. When ever I try to use my Ice Bound Fortitude it says the spell isn't available to me. It should in general just work or else DK's are completely hopeless in PVP
  14. Earlier
  15. Nvm found the problem it isn't a bug it's because I'm a DK 😛
  16. My friend placed his totems to see what my attack speed would be when he put it down, and I didn't get the buff idk if it's something with the race not normally being a shami race or something else
  17. Claus

    Community Achievements

    Greetings everyone ! We are happy to inform you that you've completed one of our community achievements. 50 Vote points will be distributed to all existing accounts ! Forum Participation [LINK] Current Objective: 1150 Registered Users Rewards: 50 Vote Points
  18. Claus

    banned from Discord

    After a careful reconsideration of our decision, we've granted you one more chance. You are now able to log our discord server. Our request is next time before you throw up a comment or reply that our staff members won't tolerate - first think about the consequences. I'm locking this topic for further replies. /lock
  19. 1. keydan 2. been registrated since 31 may 2018 3. keyden#8127 4. i want to be a beta tester to mostly to try the new realm out and give feedback on stuff that may be unbalanced
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