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in game rewards

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hello !

With big pleasure i notised the  /played reward  npc rewards  chnaged list when i startedmy paladin  and untill the point i am  2d  reward is  very helpfull!

I was i always thinking  the in game donation chips  wha are the option i have  [DW/TG/VIP4 ITEMS] [not sure about fly ]  and i have all i need  then what buy  mog sets that some ppl like and some other don't......  

hmm i was rly  thinking hard a way not to  abuse the servers  user friendly atitude  and get some actual  benefit from those  donasion chips!!

so this is my idea  that maybe ppl like 

-a ventor with custom wepon tockens   same price as online shop  but 75% the power  [intead of 1500 haste 1125  for example )  and the  list go on 


-make the vip in game  items  that can be used  in quests that you can upread vip  items  (not same id to avoid  the  fake refunds ) be as an otion if  some1 wants to upgreade them 


thos was my thhoughts abount in game donation chips rewards 

thanks for the  theme you wasted read  this!


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