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Custom boss idea

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Warlord Reggar:
    600,000,000 health, 2.0 attack speed for about 500,000 damage vs armor cap, armor and resist 25% higher than world boss.

    Phase 1:
        Frost Cleave: Deal 110% melee damage as frost damage to all targets infront of the caster - 20 yard range every 4 seconds

    Phase 2: 80% health
        Just a Scratch: Stun all players for 5 seconds (non removable), Dialogue: "Is  that all you've got?!", increase damage dealt by 5%.
        Fire Slash: Target player burns for 50,000 damage per second (before resistances/talents) for 5 seconds. Cast every 10 seconds (do not cast first one until stun wears off)

    Phase 3: 50% health
        Tilt the Odds: Stun all players for 5 seconds (non removable), Dialogue: "I'm just getting started, prepare to face the ultimate warrior!"
                reduces all player maxs health by 50%, increases attack speed by 20%, reduces damage taken by 10%.
        Decrepid Blow: Attacks target with second highest threat for 150% melee damage as shadow damage before resists/talents and reduces all stats of target by 60% for 5 seconds. Cast every

                                    10    seconds.  Player with highest threat cannot be hit by this attack even while solo.

    Phase 4: 20% health
        Desperate Assault: Increases damage dealt by 20%, increases damage taken by 20%.
    Phase 5: 10% health
        Upon entering phase 5: Dialogue "I...I can't let you win. I WON'T LET YOU WIN!"
        Final Strike: attack all players for 15,000,000 FIRE damage before resistance/talents . Un-interuptable, 5 second cast time.

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