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This will be my running list of suggestions for the new realm , sorted by how important I think it is.

VIP Instance:
    Remove blooz craze from all mobs/boss
    Nazja Slave: agonizing strike + 50% damage, health +40%
    Nazja Surger: water bolt +900% damage, water spout +400% damage, health + 40%
    Nazja Priestess: nature bomb +1500% damage, health + 40%
    Nazja Gladiator: gorloc stomp +1500% damage, mortal cleave damage -20%, health + 40%
    Nazja Shaman: ball lightning +200% damage, lightning ring +900% damage, health +40%
    Warlord Dozi: melee -25%, lightning cloud (also DoT) +100% damage, throw shield +1500% damage, health + 80%
    General Kshashtha: melee -30%, attack speed +20%, ribbon of souls +200% damage, health +80%
    Lady Suso: shadow blast damage -30%, shock blast +300% damage, health +100%, debuff attack time increase from 400% to 300%

    picture of the DPS of each enemy in VIP instance


World Boss:

     All bosses: +100% attack speed, melee -60% damage, health +50%
     Kraator: scorch +100% damage, possibly add some typeof magic/curse DoT that is dispellable that ticks for around 70,000
     Uvuros: icebolt +150% damage, frost blast +60% damage
     Terrorguard: ground tremor +800% damage, poison nova DOT +900% damage, wrath +100% damage, petrifying breath DOT -50% damage
     Broggok: ground tremor +800% damage, frost blast +200% damage
     Nathrezim: Needs something other than auto attacks, never saw a spell
     En'kilah: blast nova +100% damage, fel fireball +100% damage, fel fireball DOT +20% damage
     Arathorn: frost strike -80% damage
     Loatheb: bloodthirst -80% damage

picture of world boss DPS



     seal of vengeance/corruption: cut damage about 15-20%
     hammer of righteousness: 150% weapon damage caused as holy damage
     exorcism: + 80% damage
     holy wrath: 200% damage increase
     holy shield: 100% damage increase
     avenger's shield: 1,000% damage increase
     shield of righteousness: 2,500% damage increase
     increase armor from devotion aura to +10%
     paladin talent vindication set to 7% reduction instead of a flat amount


Death Knight:

     Plague strike: +100% damage

     Death Coil: +300% damage

     Icy Touch: +50% damage

     Heart strike: +50% damage

     Obliterate: +50% damage

     Scourge strike: +50% damage



    The last quest for the new weapons SHOULD NOT include having to do the vip zone. I know of about 5 people on the server who can even kill the bosses locking the rest of the population       out of even doing the content beacuse they sure as hell arent going to drag everyone along for all the kills.
    custom glyphs ;)
     re scale world boss spell/skill damage to stop 1 shotting players in full vip4
    adjust hunters mark to give 5-10% attack power boost instead of a flat amount
    adjust orc racial "blood fury" to do +5% attack power instead of flat amount
    Thunderfury: proc +100% damage, equip +3 lightning damage to +4 or 5

     Thundering skyflare diamond: reduce haste from 480 to 24

     Black magic enchant: reduce haste from 250 to 25

     Comet's trail: reduce haste from 726 to 38

     Dragonspine trophy: reduce haste from 325 to 16

     Mark of norgannon: reduce haste from 491 to 24

     Scale of Fates: reduce haste from 432 to 21

     Elemental focus stone: reduce haste from 522 to 26

     Embrace of the spider: reduce haste from 505 to 25

     The egg of mortal essence: reduce haste from 505 to 25

     The skull of gul'dan: reduce haste from 175 to 17


     Smooth havoc amber: reduce crit to +30



    increase drop rate of highborne weapon quest items from chests now that the  weapons as high a priority
    increase drop rate of world boss items for weapon/bag quests about +10%
    change playtime rewards to world boss items, jewellers orb, etc
    add tabards/shirts to dungeons or some other area

Low/Quality of Life:
    small QOL : change WB corpses to despawn after about 2 minutes
    add 30 minute horn of winter buff to buff NPC

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