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Dragonskin Backpack v1 to v2 (upgrade) i wasn't know...

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sick tmog items and weapons gone... my bag OMG  [Dragonskin Backpack v1] was all tmog items and weapons alot, donate chips, vote points request item tmog, farming etc, and now  [Dragonskin Backpack v2] quest compelete next all delete my tmog items omg bug!!!! PLS FIX ! GIVE ME HELP ME PLS !

Primal Gladiator (elite recolor) melee warrior WoD pvp -

legion Antorous Mythic warrior gears pve  - (vendor donate chips) full set

Uldir Mythic warrior plate -  (vendor donate chips) full set

legion pvp elite black/red - (vendor donate chips) full set

warglavie of azzinoth -

greatsword of the inferno -

Uldir mythic two-hand sword (red color) ( vendor donate chips) 
 [Transmog Token] ~x100 for insivible tabard, shirt, weapons etc, ( i think its 100)


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Chandragupta - Warrior


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