All Stars Event - 13.01.2018

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In the evening of 13.01.2018 was held an All Stars Event.
Originally, the idea was to include 10 players in total. 5 in each team.

Description of the event: Each team will chose their first fighting either by rolling, or voluntarily, however, the fighter remains on the battlefield until he has no longer the ability to fight, or as we know in World of Warcraft - until he dies.
Once he does, his teammate gets in the arena immediately and begins to fight with the murderer, and so on until one of the teams wins.

So  far, there were only 6 participants. Three in each team.
 The first team, which won was consisted of: Leoxqt, Dz and last but not least Henley.
The second team, which lost but still honorably, was consisted of Cruze, Amirs and last but not least, Bigshaq

Leoxqt was the one who lead his team to victory due to the simple fact that he was the only one who fought and defeated the three opponents from the enemy team.

The teams were chosen on a simple rule: All six players were made to roll, the highest two rollers had to roll once more, the one with the highest result had to start with the picking up.

The winners will be able to receive their rewards in their mailboxes tomorrow (on 14.01.2018), and the honorably discharged team as well as a reward for their hard effort and their participation in my first event!

The event was hosted by my majesty and Claus.

You will be able to view more photos of the event below:






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