Special Transmog Competition

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Special Transmog Competition


The staff team would like to hold a minor competition. There is a few simple rules for our transmog competition.

You're going to team up with another player and create a theme from your transmog.

You can only submit 1 picture of your teams transmog.

When you submit your transmog, you need to give us a small story behind your theme.
The theme can be of anything YOU like to submit. Movies, Games or your own creation.

Mounts and visuals can be used (OPTIONAL)

Winners of the competition will recieve 15 DP onto their account.
A 2nd and 3rd place may be choosen too depends on how many enters.
If you dont fulfill the criteria you will be disqualified.

Transmog Competition will end 10th of may.


You're more than welcome to give a like on others players transmog, it will not effect who the staff team will choose.   

Best regard Havoc Staff




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Posted (edited)

WoWScrnShot_050319_231458.thumb.jpg.22205103de056214dd9ded14684f6889.jpgHeyya guys.


This is my and my Boar´s apply for the tmog competition.

Theme: Home alone 

Location: Ironforge (who tf did put Evil Beings there guys? Was an evil idea)


I am this little guy, being left home alone. My family went to Dalaran to celebrate

Easter holidays a bit later with the rest of family.

They left me here, because they forgotten about one of their children... 

Only one who´s supporting me and talking to me is this Boar.

I mean, mostly im the one who´s talking, but let´s not talk about it too much.

I´m so lonely I can´t even sleep so I just stand on my bed instead. 

Seems weird, right? Still im not that weak, as you can see my weapons,..

I still can nail you. 

Edited by Mander
Bad pic (see edit history)
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Hello from us too!

This is Peedobear and  Shadyxbg 's apply.


Location: Blackrock Mountain 

We got paid to finish off dungeons inside the mountain, and as we were going inside Molten Core we saw that lava and couldn't get hold , so we took a quick Screenshot! xD


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55910607_bigroom.PNG.ff8b47eac949563a9ba74f9f0cae1a13.PNGBest friends hitman and broken

Location : Shattrath city

Theme : Relationships

Best view with my new friends ❤️❤️ :) :)xDxD 

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