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A Guild Wars event is about to be hosted, which means that the guild which wins will be PRONOUNCED as Havoc's Champion. I will be hosting such a Guild Wars event each month, so the already chosen ''Champion'' will not as well lose shape and get used to the Champion's throne.
The guild system has nothing to do with this event. Everything in here is done by the staff itself with pure thoughts of providing the best possible gameplay experience in-game and also somehow enhance the Christmas Spirit.


 I will invite 6 players from each guild, so I advise you to choose the most suitable players which might as well get you to the Champion's position. The Guild victor from this event will receive its own place, with an innkeeper, table, chairs, some guards and so on, which will be added on a place. Basically a Guild Base which is apart from the Guild System - THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE IMPLEMENTING A GUILD SYSTEM. It simply means that we will make a base for the guild victor, where the guild members can enjoy their privacy.


In order to sign in for the event, EACH leader has to write down a reply which contains the player names of the ones, about to represent the guild. The registration HAS to be done in this thread below. In order to Sign in, there are few requirements: The gear of the participants must not be CUSTOM (requested and created by a CC). So, the Highborne weapons are the MAX allowed weapons in the event. Nothing further is allowed.

Am I allowed to use Brawlers' Items ?
 - Yes, you are.
Do I have to preliminary choose my guildmates ?
- Yes, you do, as you have to write them below in the replies and NOTIFY us if there's going to be any change regarding the participants.
There are classes which cannot compare to other classes, what do we do ?
-Thus I gave you a chance to pick up your teammates carefully, you have to choose up to 6 players. Don't miss that opportunity.

NOTE: Except the guild base, the event will bring along rewards for all participants, as they will surely put a lot of effort and dedication into the upcoming fight.




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Guild: <coochie please>

Players participating: 

Colo (Hunterpet, Arcane)

Consolidate (Oo, Lgbt)




Elfo (Efoscripts)

I'd also like to name few substitutes if the players above aren't available on the event date:

Neilyox (pinkyswear)





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