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We are pleased to inform you that the time for a new contest has come and brings along many opportunity for rewards.



The contest aims to challenge you to present the newly inaugurated content (Brawler's guild; Vip Zone; Vip instance and etc, the promotions we make.) from our server as a video and upload it on youtube, of course you can present it as a trailer.

Those who want to sign up for the contest have to upload the video and put a link below as a reply to this topic.




You can work only as individuals and there are only 3 places. You have to present our content in the best possible way in a video that isn't much longer than 3 mins. We will announce the winners on the 1st of December judged fairly by our staff. You can participate by recording your masterpiece and post it on youtube and after that send a link below as a reply. You can use effects and music in order to make it unique. Those things may motivate our choice. Thank you for accepting this challenge and let the best 3 win.



- Contestor Weapon

- Mounts (that you can choose in-game.)
- Contestor Bags (x2)

- 1 visual spell. (by Game Master's choice)

- Title.

2nd PLACE:

- Mount (that you can choose in-game)

- Contestor Bags (x2)

- One visual spell. (By Game Master's choice.)

- Title.

3rd PLACE:

- Contestor Bags (x2)

- 1 visual spell. (by Game Master's choice)

- Title.



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