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ICC no healer completion.

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I would like to say my advice on what can be done (maybe) in the ICC for players that are like example warrior or rogue. After the boat fight comes the boss fight which opens the door on way to sindragosa. But to get to sindragosa you have to heal this dragon which can't be done by classes that doesnt have heals. So i thought that you Game masters might maybe buff the Netherweave Bandage ( i guess its called like that) which you can get by learning the first aid training. And then craft some bandages that you can cast on that dragon before sindragosa. So you can do the raid solo.

P.S. If you will do this so called upgrade, please check it out in scalings for hp like i think the dragon has like 380m hp so you think how much it should heal.

!!!!!!!!!!!!  A N D !!!!!!!!!

Make sure you actually make it for pve or just for mobs only because there could be consequences :D

This would be really nice ❤️  Maybe you have thought about this already or someone has adviced it but sorry if that has happened.( I guess i wasted your time if so :) )

IG nick: Amhigh

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Thank you for your advice, @curelis!

We will talk with our dev team and see what we can do.

Best Regards,

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