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From the contest @Alex announced yesterday. I'd like to come with some ideas as he wanted people to do.
Got a few ideas that all players can join in on.

I think it would be fun if there was sort of two contests, one for ingame purpose and another for graphical that can benefit Havoc.

Contest for "outgame"
1. So the graphical one could be like making a gif, logo, picture of havoc
2. People suggested making videos

Contest for ingame
1. Lots suggested a Transmog contest (Would be cool too if there could be a rule about not just using an entire set as transmog since there's no creativity in that)
2. Since BFA is about to release it could be fun to do a Horde vs Alliance in a epic battle to the death with suitable gear as a pvp contest. (as example 10 hordes vs 10 alliance if 20 people joined)
3. mini games contest. Where there would be multiple mini games such as Free Fall, Race etc. (ofc the guy with most mini games won would win the contest)
4. An ultimate stair contest (ofcourse would require checkpoints)

5. find more ways to nerf warrior  Contest so Elfo can rage about them even more

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Thank you for your suggestion, @Caisy. However, I guess you have mistaken the concept Contest with Event in few spots, because all the forementioned things are currently differentiated into two groups:
- Image Contest - The Transmog ones.
- Video Contest - Whether it is a trailer one, an epic battle 20v20 Alliance vs Horde and etc.

About the stair contest, that is most likely a Major Event to be honest, though we cannot afford to make a stair contest every month as the rewards are way greater than any other event and we wouldn't want to fill everyone that fast with such items.

Other than that, you can also check the event-announcements in discord and vote whether you'd like a Transmog or Video suggestion.

Best Regards,

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