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Description: First off all, why is it not stated that frostfire bolt (roughly the only non-insant spell that mages cast) is hard capped at 0.6 sec cast? That spell is the only reason i bought 8k haste with donor points. Most efficient mage build is to stay at 5k haste and just buy spell power tokens, I had to learn that AFTER buying the haste tokens.
Current behaviour:  /*Tell us what happens */  Mages spell haste gets gets downed by ~20% after using a haste increasing spell.
Expected behaviour:  /*Tell us what should happen instead*/ The haste increasing spell like Icy Veins should increase the cast time on all spells by 20% but since some of them are capped, it doesn't. Thought when it's over, as intended, it reduces the cast time on all spells affected by it by 20% (even on the ones it didn't have any effect on in the beginning since they're hard capped already, this is where the problem occurs).The hidden haste debuff stays until logout.
Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Test cast times
2. Pop Icy Veins
3. Test cast times again
...NOTE: I tested this with a 10k haste mage (Ji) and my 8k haste mage.

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We will take a look at this problem, but if you look closely at every class with castable or channelled spells, they get hard capped at some point. Some spells have a lower cap point than others tho. We will take a look at the problem with the Haste bugging out.
Thank you for reporting


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