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Introducing : Craft your custom weapon

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If you want to craft your own custom weapon/item you need to have at least a VIP item on which you'll build your stats, after which we'll replace your VIP item with the newly made - custom one. 

Please read the form below on how to craft your custom item.

1st step: Head on to our webstore at . Choose the amount of stats by buying the right amount of tokens.

  • Example 1: For your Main Stat (Strength, Stamina, etc.), you'll buy 1 tokens of Main Stat Token which will give you a total of + 100000 to your Main Stats.
  • Example 2: For + 100000 Damage to your weapon, you'll buy 1 x Weapon Damage Tokens.

Main stats - 100000 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Spell power and attack power - 200000 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Haste - 1000 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Resilience - 1000 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Any other secondary stat (hit, crit, dodge, parry, etc) - 1000 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Armor penetration and spell penetration - 500 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Regular gem slots - 1 for 2 x [Donation Chips]
Meta gem slots - 1 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Weapon damage - 100000 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Weapon speed - 0.5 speed increase for 15 x [Donation Chips]
Armor - 10000 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Magic resistances - 250 for 10 x [Donation Chips]
Make item account bound = 20 x [Donation Chips] / item.


2nd step: After which you configured your item(bought the necessary tokens for it), pick the items up from a Mailbox, and send to Shagrath screenshots of each of the token type you've bought -> DISCORD. (We will also verify your order on the webshop)

3rd step: Confirm the Character you want us to send it too. 

4th step: Specify the Name and the Description of the item as well.

5th step: Wait for your weapon to be delivered. It should not take more then 1-2 hours.


BONUS: You get to choose the name of your item, display(model) and description + item name & item description color. Choose your colors here, and send us the CODE after the "#" sign.

Example:  the code 28A855




Request MODEL:

Item name: 

Display ID:


  • Screenshots of your bought tokens(in-game screenshots are fine) <----> character name VISIBLE <---->
  • Screenshot of your VIP item you want your stats added to <----> character name VISIBLE <---->

Item Description:




After your stats have been added:

  • You CAN change stat types only after adding one or more tokens on the item.
  • You CAN change weapon types only after adding one or more tokens on the item.
  • You CAN merge stats on the item after adding at least  50 DP of stats, next time you add something you can ask for your stats to be merged. (Example merge strength and agility into stamina)
  • You CANNOT Use Custom items in battlegrounds, to try and keep them balanced.
  • You CANNOT refund custom items.
  • You CANNOT merge 2 custom items or transfer stats from one to the other.

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