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When you fill your Gamemaster application, answer the questions in this template:

1) Age? 23

2) What are your In-game character names [Names that players would most know you by]? Nama / Trifa

3) How long have you currently been with us on HavocWoW and what are your contributions up to this point? a month and a couple of days

4) What is your timezone?  UTC +1 

5) How many hours do you spend In-game on a day to day basis? from 1 to 5 hours depending on free time 

6) Have or do you currently play Retail, if so; how long and which expansions? well i have played most of the expansions but retail was for 1 month when 3.3.3 got introduced

7) Have you ever been banned In-Game or on the Forums? If so; specify the reason and duration.  I havent been banned

8) Have you ever made another application(s) on HavocWoW before? If so; please provide a link to the thread and details. Nope

9) Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience and how fluent are you with Trinity Core commands? not in the slightest

10) Why do you feel that you would be a good addition to the HavocWoW Staff Team and what do you bring to an already thriving Staff Team? on a scale of 1 to 10 i think i would be a strong 7 i would use more plared feedback questions to see what the game is lacking and also positivity feedback in current game balance and quality also staff is great as it is so far would be good if GM's walked new people through the game more

12) Briefly describe yourself within 350 or less words. (Please include your first name, where you live, your personal interests and your age). my name is Darko 23 year old  nerd/otaku from macedonia masters in psychology crazy as the patient i work with sometimes even more , tbh im moody after a day of work becouse my regular job is a cable set confector (i make audi a4 s4 and rs4 wiring ) buuuut am a really fun guy to hang chat and party with 

12) Anything you would like to add? (optional question) if not ingame no

Scenario Questions [Mandatory]

1. A Player makes a ticket asking you to give him items because he is unable to get them himself, such as original Legendary Weapons, how do you respond? would ask a higher experianced GM atm for that scenario / if given free will i would ask for the DP's and stats of the weapon and manufacture 1 for him exactly as specified if in the realms of server rules

2. You have muted a player for being disrespectful towards the Staff, he then makes a Ticket cussing, insulting and persistently insults you and/or other staff members, what do you do? use disciplinary method vs him / 1st day make him into a donkey /2 nd day a ban for 1 day 

3. You find a player hacking on our Server, what do you do to minimize the situation, if you're unable to ban him? try to negatiate a situation for him to stop using hacks as no one wants to be cheated on but only if not possible to ban him

4. Your friends are asking you to host an Event so they're able to get a new mount or another available reward they currently do not have, how do you proceed?  as a GM we cant do things that personally satisfy us we need to keep a professional attitude / would do event if its at the moment that is alowed

5. You first come online and you notice that there are 2 other Staff Members online yet there is still a high number of tickets active but have remained un-answered, what would you do to help but avoid the same situation in the future? would try and do the tickets myself or disscus why the other staff members didnt work over the tickets

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