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Bugtracker Guidelines

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Bugtracker Guidelines
We highly appreciate your efforts to report any problems you may discover on our site or in-game. In order to process and resolve all reported bugs, we ask you to follow the guidelines below.
- Make sure to search between submitted issues before posting a new one to our bugtracker. It's possible someone else has already reported the issue in question.
- Improper use of the system will result your reporting privileges being revoked.
- Use proper titles. E.g. the name of the quest, NPC or Item you have problems with.
- What is wrong? E.g. What happens and what is supposed to happen.
- Add anything else you think might be useful for us to know.
- Avoid revealing or using any kind of your personal data on submitting issues.
Please follow these guidelines and you'll make our work-space much cleaner and easier. In return, we'll reward you with 2 DP for each confirmed issue;


Current behaviour:  /*Tell us what happens */
Expected behaviour:  /*Tell us what should happen instead*/ 
Steps to reproduce the problem:

NOTE: Issues will get moved to the "Pending" section of the bugtracker after they have been confirmed.

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- Added format for report, so next time you are going to report something, use it.

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