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Found 2 results

  1. Syl

    Bugtracker Guidelines

    Bugtracker Guidelines We highly appreciate your efforts to report any problems you may discover on our site or in-game. In order to process and resolve all reported bugs, we ask you to follow the guidelines below. - Make sure to search between submitted issues before posting a new one to our bugtracker. It's possible someone else has already reported the issue in question. - Improper use of the system will result your reporting privileges being revoked. - Use proper titles. E.g. the name of the quest, NPC or Item you have problems with. - What is wrong? E.g. What happens and what is supposed to happen. - Add anything else you think might be useful for us to know. - Avoid revealing or using any kind of your personal data on submitting issues. Please follow these guidelines and you'll make our work-space much cleaner and easier. In return, we'll reward you with 2 DP for each confirmed issue; FORMAT FOR REPORT: Description: Current behaviour: /*Tell us what happens */ Expected behaviour: /*Tell us what should happen instead*/ Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. 2. 3. ... NOTE: Issues will get moved to the "Pending" section of the bugtracker after they have been confirmed.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE Following text contains rules and regulations written by the Havoc WoW Team, and any attempt to break the rules will result in a suspension of your game account. Rules are written with goal to provide friendly and non-hacking environment, and no matter if your are a regular player, server supporter or member of the Team, you have to follow them. We keep the rights to change the rules anytime, so check this thread from time to time. We keep the rights to accordingly punish a player without warning. PLAYER & COMMUNITY BEHAVIOR (Website, forums, global communication game channels, whispers, party channels, guild channels) - Using colored text or big Icons in global channels or in mall, is not allowed. Flooding it with repeated messages neither. Avoid being muted or banned. - Discriminatory harassment: Avoid at all costs, insulting someone's country, culture, lifestyle or skincolor. Slangs such as the n-word aren't allowed either, even in Guild chat. Jokes of that kind are not welcomed. - Spamming/flooding the forums or the game is against the rules, and by doing it, you will be purged from the forums and/or banned from the game. - Insulting members of the Havoc WOW Team is not allowed. - Sharing personal user informations is not allowed. - Speaking foreign language in global communication channels is not allowed. - Trash talking about the project/community/server is not allowed. We are all here to play the game, have fun all together, and enjoy the vanilla experience we all seek for. That is why, we are not allowing any sort of disrespect or harassment among the players. Penalty: (Mute/Kick/Ban/Permanent Ban) Depending on the situation. HACKING/CHEATING (Third party software, botting, dupe hacking, exploiting, abusing bugs, glitching) We are a 3.3.5a FUN server with only one goal, to provide intact game experience. Using any third party softwares to modify or boost your gameplay will lead into permanent account ban. By finding a game exploit/glitch/bug that makes your gameplay easier, you have to report it to our Bugtracker or any of the Staff members. Modifying your character scale in populated locations. Abusing any of those from above, will also be considered as a way of cheating, and can lead you into temporary suspension or permanent ban. Penalty: (Temporary/Permanent Ban) Using scripts/macros/auto casting spells/attacking target dummies or running into walls to avoid getting AFK logged out will result in a kick first as a warning, and a ban if repeated, also your playtime/vote points will be reseted. SYSTEM ABUSE (Auction House, In-game Mail, Donation Panel, Vote Panel, Forums and Website) Abusing any of the systems by using multiply IP's, accounts, characters or softwares is against the rules. Penalty: (48 hours/Permanent Ban) ADVERTISEMENTS OR PROPAGANDA (Other server discussions, advertising) Talking about other game servers is highly forbidden on Havoc WoW, and will lead you into permanent ACCOUNT and IP ban without possibilities to write an appeal. Penalty: (Permanent IP & Account Ban) IMPERSONATION OF THE HAVOC WOW STAFF MEMBERS (Setting up a fake tag is a big no-no!) Pretending to be a Staff Member either to scam or threat someone is absolutely forbidden. Gamemasters will NEVER ask for your account credentials. Gamemasters will NEVER ask for your personal informations. Gamemasters will ALWAYS use a GM tag in front of their names. <GM> If you see someone trying to impersonate a member of the staff, or you see a website that is not starting with asking for your account credentials, or asking for server donations, please let us know. Penalty: (Permanent IP & Account Ban) MULTIBOXING/DUALBOXING - ALLOWED Multiboxing is allowed, as long as you don't engage in PvP. PVP BEHAVIOR (Fly Everywhere, Morphing) Using the Fly Everywhere mount inside a Battleground or Arena is not allowed Using Morphs, to get yourself so small, that you can't be targeted is not allowed Penalty: (Kick/1 day/ 3 day/ 30 day Ban) PVP FARMING (Battleground AFKing, Honor Farming) Deliberately afking in the battlegrounds is highly forbidden. (Sitting at Graveyard complaining that you are being farmed) Allowing someone to kill you or let you kill his/her toon to get Honor points not allowed. Wintrading: Arranged battles in order to profit of its prizes is highly forbidden. Penalty: (Kick/24 hours/48 hours/Permanent Ban) Penalty: We will remove your honor & items granted while cheating. SELLING/TRADING ACCOUNT OR SERVICES FOR REAL LIFE CURRENCY (Everything related to accounts - read carefully) This is a scam you should avoid the most. If you are trying to sell or trade your account through any of the communication channels in the game, expect to loose your characters & accounts. You are fully responsible for all the actions that are going under your account or/and IP adress. Selling your account for real life currency or virtual currency is highly forbidden. You are also not allowed to sell power tokens, gold or items for real life or virtual currency. Penalty: (Permanent IP Ban and Permanent Account/s Ban) If you are accepting our rules and regulations, then you are very welcome to become a part of Havoc WoW project.