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Found 16 results

  1. Karén

    Stuck Glitch

    When you use ice block in Uldar when fighting the giant tank dude its make you get stuck in place. And than you cant move. So you have to teleport out of the dungeon and walk all the way back. Im not sure if this is supposed to happen or if its fixable or not, Just figured Id report it
  2. Hausa

    Shadowmourne quest

    Frost infusion part of shadowmourne quest is bugged. Sindragosa won't infuse shadow's edge with frost breath and while trying sindragosa does insane damage which we cannot survive.
  3. tuddlywhips

    T1 Molten Core Bug

    T1 Molten Core teleport just teleports you to a void zone and you end up falling throguh the world then dying. Also I belive the portal just makes you fall through the world after you use it
  4. Nehemah

    the infinites target's dummy's

    hello! i find a bug, i can spawn infinite target dummy's and advanced target dummy's, is the same stuff, same CD, but in the ítem say : "Use: Droops a target dummy on the ground that attract nearby monsters ot attack it. Last for 15 seconds or until killed." but here the real problem, cant be disarmed, not left the corpse later to die, and stay for infinite time or if i logout all despawn, if one of all dummy's is hited, all die. The target dummy's works good, take agro and can be hited, but the HP is bugged i think. First when is hited not lose nothing of the total HP but later to the next hit lose all HP, here some potos to prove it, and sorry for my bad english, i talk spanish but im trying to improve my english, thanks!.

    High Warlord Naj'entus

    Whenever you kill a "High Warlord Naj'entus" , he respawns within 5 sec which kills any low level trying to run through the raids.
  6. If your game is crashing when you open the Character info window, just use the following text. Create a macro, and press it everytime you log in with your character. In Game Fix Copy and paste the provided fix into the chat exactly as written. After this fix, you should be able to open the character screen without issue. Set your Stats to whatever you want EXCEPT BASE STATS. Out of Game Solution You will need to navigate to your World Of Warcraft installation directory and access your WTF folder. Below will be some detailed instructions on how to do so. 1. File Location 2. Open your World of Warcraft installation directory and navigate to WTF/Account/(your account name)/(character name) 3. Look for "SavedVariables.lua" and "SavedVariables.lua.bak" Open SavedVariables.lua using Notepad or any other editor. Once opened, it should look like this: Code: Replace it with the following:
  7. mgorki123

    Paladin Heal Bug

    Paladin have a huge healing bug that I found. The more you heal with flash of light or holy light, your sheath of light ability (heals per second) stacks up in numbers. Normally, each heal just refreshes the duration of the heal per second. But in here, it also increases the number heal per second with each cast(edited) so u can heal like 30 seconds before each duel and enter the duel with 30m heals per second and be immortal.
  8. demonot


    Entereing instances loses the buffs that can be easily sorted by just rebuffing but mid fight in many of the instances are lost an can omeotimes cause a problem due to hard hitting bosses and huge instances where trash mobs usually respawn fast so it takes 3x times more to finish
  9. mgorki123

    Arathorn Debuff Bug

    When you kill Arathorn world boss, you sometimes get a debuff that damages you until you die. The buff is named "Glacial Strike" Hits me for around 5m every second or so. Logging out doesn't remove the debuff.
  10. Scavaro13

    Wintergrasp Bug

    Description: Bug where Characters are repeatedly asked to join wintergrasp when nowhere near it, also even if you decline it will add you to the fight along with showing you the current status, major issue for players trying to just raid and gear. Current behaviour: asks players to join WG when nowhere near, Prompts Visual UI as stated in screenshot even when declined. Expected behaviour: Null Steps to reproduce the problem: 1.Go to wg accidentally using tele and teleport out. even if you relog it will always prompt when a battle is going on
  11. Trilegiance

    Wand of Intellect (No turn-in)

    When you grab the Level 1 Wand of Intellect quest it has no turn-in available at all.
  12. iZoR

    T5 Kaelthas Third Phase Bug

    Description: Current behaviour: Third Phase he revives just 2 or 3 of his 4 Soldiers Expected behaviour: He should revive all 4 of his Soldiers Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. 4 Shamans 1 Warrior just in normal Group no Raid 2. Go to Kaelthas finish Phase 1 ( killing one by one ) / 2 ( Destroy his Weapons ) 3. Watch him revive after round about 5 mins just 2 or 3 of his Soldiers. Happened 2 times in a row Character was Blackone
  13. Wrathfan

    Priest Helmet upgrade to level 6 bug

    So when i tried to upgrade my priest helmet to lvl 6 or my shoulderpads to lvl 6 either one of these it removed my helmet instead of my shoulderpads. so to my confusal i found myself helmetless while doing a dungeon and having a shoulderpad lvl 5 and a shoulderpad lvl 6 with no helmet to be seen. My helmet was lvl 5 and i was going to rank up my gear at the priest class giver, i would like my helmet back please.
  14. Syl

    Bugtracker Guidelines

    Bugtracker Guidelines We highly appreciate your efforts to report any problems you may discover on our site or in-game. In order to process and resolve all reported bugs, we ask you to follow the guidelines below. - Make sure to search between submitted issues before posting a new one to our bugtracker. It's possible someone else has already reported the issue in question. - Improper use of the system will result your reporting privileges being revoked. - Use proper titles. E.g. the name of the quest, NPC or Item you have problems with. - What is wrong? E.g. What happens and what is supposed to happen. - Add anything else you think might be useful for us to know. - Avoid revealing or using any kind of your personal data on submitting issues. Please follow these guidelines and you'll make our work-space much cleaner and easier. In return, we'll reward you with 2 DP for each confirmed issue; FORMAT FOR REPORT: Description: Current behaviour: /*Tell us what happens */ Expected behaviour: /*Tell us what should happen instead*/ Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. 2. 3. ... NOTE: Issues will get moved to the "Pending" section of the bugtracker after they have been confirmed.
  15. demonot

    quad core

    quad core passive cannot be triggered by 4 clones /cast Mirror Image should trigger the 16% more dmg buff but seems to be bugged mages usually use it for boss burst
  16. Asoul

    Alliance Flag

    hi ! everywhere i saw these ugly flages ...