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  1. BlooDbg

    Special Transmog Competition

    Hello from us too! This is Peedobear and Shadyxbg 's apply. Theme:Mercenaries Location: Blackrock Mountain We got paid to finish off dungeons inside the mountain, and as we were going inside Molten Core we saw that lava and couldn't get hold , so we took a quick Screenshot!
  2. 1. Bloodbg 2. For few months. 3. BlooDbg #7842 4. I wanna beat the crap outta Keysee(jokes).I wanna help you guys out with the new realm.
  3. BlooDbg

    Glyphs and more.

    Hello , is it me or just the glyphs are not working at all?So far i haven't seen 1 working glyph for the past 2 weeks.Also Blessing of Sanctuary (paladin) doesnt work , not giving any stats at all. Also on paladin if you spam holy light Sheath of Light effect stacks.Each holy light increases Sheath of Light heal ticks.
  4. BlooDbg


    Hello , .minitool command bank , and heal work well , but mailbox is not working proper , it opens a mailbox but always no mails there, you got to visit a normal mailbox in order to see mails.
  5. BlooDbg

    Brawler's additions

    Oh ye now i remember i saw this topic.The price for entering brawlers guild is quite expensive , so there should be more stuff added to it , even tho you have to farm for them.
  6. Hello , i have got an idea , you might add those donor buffs (7dp ea) to brawler's tokens stuff).It might be like the rings 2000 for each buff.(it sums up alot , but its 10% of primary stats , so its worth it ) P.S. Caisy suggested brawlers. Cheers.
  7. BlooDbg

    New content

    Basically new players at the moment just come and go , only because its impossible to get good gears without dp/vp.Now the only thing new players (non donors) can do is basically farm full eq level 30 , trinks , t14 gears , and after that waiting for the moment vp/dp to grow (if they wouldn't donate).When they find out they can't do anything after having that gear they might either leave or make new char till new content is available.So please make new content for non-donors ! 😛 have a nice day. Also fix that line of sight attacks rangeds and casters are pretty op since the melee nerf , and they keep exploiting line of sight attacks.
  8. BlooDbg

    Haste nerf.

    Hello , I couldn't find a topic about this haste nerf on melee classes that happened like 2-3 days ago , I am non-donor player and after that NERF my main Paladin full level 30 gears and max farmed on what I could do , before the haste nerf.Even before that nerf I couldn't do Pit of saron solo , wearing max non-donor gear (3400 haste).What happens now after it ,I hit so slow that I could run in a circle and count to 20 before I hit twice.I hardly kill bosses that are above 200m. Daily im helping new players just cuz im friendly tho, but with those nerfs I can only sit afk online and hope for sooner vote points / donor points while gathering for something that would grant the power to kill monsters in vip instance , atm they OVER heal my damage.So Either you make more non-donor gears, or bring back the haste to melee classes. P.S. hope you understand me. The server is quite good atleast I like it.But you made it IMPOSSIBLE for non-donor players. Edit: Also as far as I see most custom geared players (95% of them) never help to people , you just ask them and they start being either afk , or oh no man I got work irl and etc. So a player hardly would find a person to help him with what he cant kill.