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  1. Mild

    Gruul's Lair bosses respawning

    This also occurs if you leave one boss alive and die. The other 4 respawn when you enter the dungeon.
  2. Mild

    ICC Bug on boss DeathBringer.

    As i understood it i thought it only occurred if you used spells on him. Then again i can't really kill him fast.
  3. Mild

    Hunter Bug

    Hunter Spell: Wyvern Sting - if not learned from the trainer starts off with infinite range, no cooldowns, no animation, and no global cooldown.
  4. I've read the guide repeatedly and tried the commands myself. It does nothing. What am I doing wrong? I made my own guild (is this part the issue?) I type /g commands - and i just end up saying "commands" in guild chat. I type /g /commands, nothing. /g #commands, nothing. /g .commands, nothing.
  5. Woops wrong section moving..... not sure how to delete the post...
  6. I've read the guide repeatedly and tried the commands myself. It does nothing. What am I doing wrong? I'm in my own guild. I type /g commands - and i just end up saying "commands" in guild chat. i type /g /commands, nothing. /g #commands, nothing. /g .commands, nothing.
  7. Mild

    Trading Gear / Conversion Rates

    Are you still selling some of the above? Any of it STR paladin? What would you like to buy? I only have 2 items in VIP section: Priest Belt and Shaman Shoulder. Both spell. Other than that i can probably just farm for a while for shards if that's what you're interested in instead?
  8. Another thing we should probably remember when doing the re-work. We should consider how the level progression of gear should go for farming so that VIP instance and VIP Zone aren't so restricted to those who have many donation points. (or make donation points farmable - like 1k Boss heads or 10k armor tokens = 1 dp. Go farm crazy). The only place we can farm donation points is PVP. Part of it is random, and part of it is essentially praying your team can actually kill something - because low-geared or nonvip geared players get trashed in pvp. I'm VIP4 in T30 gear and cannot farm VIP Instance; and the very nature of VIP Zone being public severely limits my ability to even be included. Upon getting my first points (4000 haste) put into a weapon for customization - i can finally start to farm VIP instance. But, due to their health regen - I'm looking at about 10 minutes to get past the first 2 trash minion - then die to the 3rd. Of this, i have obtained 1 token of 1000 for the next gear. The issue lies in the fact that for the early gears (t1 - t30) we can farm easy mobs for few tokens. However, VIP gear is ridiculously hard mobs for WAY too many tokens. Did i also mention, T1-T30 tokens autoloot to everyone in party; VIP do not share. So to party up, sure you could kill some; but you will get much fewer tokens for each person that joins. I participated in a 3 man group where one person didn't want any in VIP instance. In 2 hours i got 45 tokens. The 3rd party member got less than 20. (yeah i'm a jerk, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes) So the stark difference between early gear grind to latter gear grind essentially promotes either afk playtime; or leave. (and no i don't count pvp as a viable option for farming either.)
  9. Description: Current behaviour: Interaction with Race/Faction Change npc removes the expertise skill "1 Hand Sword" Expected behaviour: Supposed to maintain Expertise and stats - just change race/faction Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Talk to Race/Faction change NPC - select option (I used the NPC in mall - have not tested others - suspect same issue) 2. Log out 3. Choose new Race/Faction (I have tested Fel Orc, Worgen, and Night Elf) - Was originally Draenei. Did not reset to Draenei between Worgen and Night Elf - May have carried over expertise from Worgen to Night elf also 4. Finalize appearance 5. Log in - now you cannot equip 1 hand swords. Further - if 1 hand sword was equipped prior - sword will have been removed and mailed to you. Check inbox for sword.