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  1. canow

    Ban unfair

    Name of acount : Canow PJ : Canow
  2. canow

    Ban unfair

    1. Account name :Canow 2. Reason of Ban :Farming AFK? 3. Why would we unban you?because I really did not do anything wrong, I just stayed afk hitting the training mop while eating what is supposed to be illegal and the server should after a while expel me 4. Explanation why you were banned :I really do not understand why I was banned, I went to eat, let my PJ hit the training mop for less than an hour, the server disconnects, I try to connect and it turns out that I'm banned? The reasons afk farming? but if I leave hitting and the server automatically ejects when one stays afk, I have no program was less than 1 hour afk while eating and why they ban? 5. Additional information : I do not have any type of program the server should automatically bounce me I do not understand the reason of his ban 6. Who banned you ? I haven´t idea