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  1. Pinkfudge

    Kkonabrother's Gamemaster Application

    Q:What are the first three things you would do on the job if you were hired for this position? A: First, I would announce myself to community welcoming them all to ask me any questions and begin helping others with tickets. Second, I would introduce myself to the staff more in depth and on a personal level. Third, begin shooting out ideas with more detail on how to help better our community and more content to add to the server. Give everyone the motivation they need to get the ball rolling making Havoc the number 1 255 Funserver out there! Q:Describe the work environment in which you will most effectively be able to contribute. A: My best work environment would be surrounded by hard works just like me. Along with people willing to help me with learning more about what I can do to help. Teach me the things I dont know and teach me the things im interesting in learn. Working with the Staff team to better everything about the community. All this would sum up a very effective work enviroment. Q:What kind of oversight and interaction would your ideal boss provide? A: He would give me the criticism, when I messed up no matter how bad it would be. The Boss would also give me all the information I needed to learn the job to the best of my ability. He wouldn't treat me different from others because I didnt know what I was doing. But at the same time I wouldnt expect any different treatment from him for being new to the staff. I dont expect him to take it easy on me.
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    We doing it boys!! 883
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    879 get that 880 HYPE GOING BOYS
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  5. 1) Age? I am currently 20 years old! (In a month I will be 21) 2) What are your In-game character names [Names that players would most know you by]? Kkonabrother and Kkona 3) How long have you currently been with us on HavocWoW and what are your contributions up to this point? I have been playing off and on since January 1st, 2018. Havent been really hardcore playing until recently because of my past jobs keeping me super busy. Now I work a regular 8 hour job come home and log on! My contributions up to this point, there really isn't much besides helping people out and referring people to the server. 4) What is your timezone? Central Standard Time 5) How many hours do you spend In-game on a day to day basis? 4-8 Hours on Weekdays and 8-10 Hours On Weekend Days. 6) Have or do you currently play Retail, if so; how long and which expansions? I have played retail, I played BFA for about a month before I decided that I wasn't interested anymore. Been playing retail since Classic was released. ( Played my moms account when i was about 9 years old) 7) Have you ever been banned In-Game or on the Forums? If so; specify the reason and duration. Not Applicable, No ban history on either or. 8.)Have you ever made another application(s) on HavocWoW before? If so; please provide a link to the thread and details. Not Applicable, No past applications. 9) Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience and how fluent are you with Trinity Core commands? No past GM(Gamemaster) Experience or Trinity Core Commands. Unless Trinity Core Commands have any relation to RP servers where you tp, increase speed, or spawn in large props for building cities. However in another game called Garry's Mod in a gaming community called Gaminglight (still popular to this day) I was a community manager / developer for over 2 years. I am a very good communicator and have great people skills. I ran and built the staff they had from the ground up. (This was listed just as a community manager experience however they have some differences) 10) Why do you feel that you would be a good addition to the HavocWoW Staff Team and what do you bring to an already thriving Staff Team? I would be a great addition for the HavocWoW Staff Team because I am very dedicated to learning everything you guys have to offer. I would love to help the community as much as they have helped me. The only thing I bring to an already striving staff team is my dedication and my people skills. I love helping players out even without the powers along with learning and trying out new things to try and entertain the community! My people skills would be the best thing I could bring as of lack of knowledge for GM experience. 11) Briefly describe yourself within 350 or less words. (Please include your first name, where you live, your personal interests and your age). My name is Tyler, I live in the state of Kentucky and I am currently 20 years old. However my birthday is only a month away! If i had to describe myself, the words I would use are a Very Dedicated and Stong Willed person. Always willing to conquer a challenge and to put myself into a new frontier. Which explains why I am trying to join the HavocWoW Staff Team. I am a very well rounded person. I like everyone until they give me a reason not too. Even then I still try to like them. My personal interests are the same as most of you, Gaming, Rap Music, and Food. I love food! Nothing like a good ole fried porkchop! I love cooking as well! Would've went to Culinary school but I never had the time or chance. However biggest interest is gaming. So far im really into FPS games along with WoW! 12)Approximately how many hours weekly are you willing to dedicate if you are hired ? 35-40 Hours a week depending on how my work schedule falls some nights I work longer then others. But not every night! 13)What qualities do you possess that can be beneficial for our server ? Dedication, Patience, Strong Will to learn and please all of our player base. 14)What would you do if a player is doing something wrong and yet there is no rule against it ? I would seek a higher up and talk to them about making a rule against said action that is wrong. Then begin to enforce the rule once the rule is made and make sure to supply screenshots of the past action and then warn the player about their past action and tell them that the rules have been updated and they should read them! Followed with if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Thank you for playing on HavocWoW have a nice day! 15)What would you do if you catch a player being disrespectful towards a staff member ? I would open a GM chat with the player and kindly ask them to say sorry to the member they insulted and give them a warning. I would also take screenshots to show other staff members if I am put into questions for my actions. If i had the authority to do so, If I was a trial GM, I would do the same and seek a higher up to warn the player. 16)Can you, please briefly outline the contributions you currently make to the Community ? As listed in above statements, I haven't brought much other then entertaining players in the community and helping the players out when I can! 17)If you get accepted, can you please tell us on which position would you like to emphasize on? Is it GM or DEV/CC ? Why ? CC(Content Creator) because I have all kinds of Ideas brewed up in my head to make our community better and server more enjoyable. As a GM I would still refer will CC with my ideas to see if any of them think they would be likely to be added. Either through discord or the forums. 18)Everyone has their own definition of ''teamwork''. What is yours ? Teamwork makes the dream work. Without a good team you won't get far in cases like this. As you guys stated above "Already Striving Staff Team". My definition of teamwork would be, working together with you allies all to achieve a common goal. As ours would be to improve our community and server as much as possible. 19) Anything you would like to add? (optional question) As for a position that I would also be interested in is a community manager. I would be able to plan large scale events on weekends for the entire community to attend with the help of CC/Devs and GMs. While advertising it on the forums and discords. Scenario Questions [Mandatory] 1. A Player makes a ticket asking you to give him items because he is unable to get them himself, such as original Legendary Weapons, how do you respond? I respond by giving him the inspiration to farm up the weapons and tell him how to go about getting them legitimately. (The nice way of telling him no) 2. You have muted a player for being disrespectful towards the Staff, he then makes a Ticket cussing, insulting and persistently insults you and/or other staff members, what do you do? If I have the authority to do so. I then kick the player with a warning for excessive language towards staff and staff disrespect. However as a Trial i would screenshot everything said and show my higher up so they could take care of the situation. 3. You find a player hacking on our Server, what do you do to minimize the situation, if you're unable to ban him? I pay attention to the who list and make sure I keep up with his name. Everytime I can i will put him in a perma sleep. So he cannot move or abuse the situation. Trying to make the best of what I can do. 4. Your friends are asking you to host an Event so they're able to get a new mount or another available reward they currently do not have, how do you proceed? I tell them no because I cannot do an event just for them. However I would tell them to suggest it on the forums if it then got approved from a higher up. I would then host an event to give away certain rewards or the mount if approved by staff. 5. You first come online and you notice that there are 2 other Staff Members online yet there is still a high number of tickets active but have remained un-answered, what would you do to help but avoid the same situation in the future? I would immediately start helping answer tickets and clear as many as we can while still having the best quality while going through-out them. Too avoid ticket spam in the future I would simply be on more often to handle the tickets I can by myself that way when other GMs get on they can enjoy their time on instead of immediately have to respond to tickets!
  6. Pinkfudge

    Making use of honor point.

    I believe they should add more things to buy with honor other then gems. It would make a great addition to pvp! I feel like honor could be used to grind out certain PvP mounts and ever certain gear upgrades other then using pvp tokens.
  7. Pinkfudge

    Artifact druid forms

    Im with you guys on this! Druid forms would be totally sick!
  8. Pinkfudge

    Count to 1000 [REACHED] NEXT: COUNT TO 2000

    865 Who is the conductor here!?
  9. Pallies, Druids, Dks, and Shamans really need these to be able to be leveled to level 30 they are missing out on stats that everyone else can get. If we could get those added for these classes it might help make them balanced. Thanks!
  10. Pinkfudge

    Shaman's Arent Up To Par In PvP

    Shamans seem to be very weak and under tuned in PvP its like they don't do any damage what so ever. They need to be looked into. I feel like every shaman i come across does little to no damage even at max gear. Thanks for looking into this!
  11. Pinkfudge

    WSG flag running at mount speed

    Yeah this really needs to be fixed. Have seen quite a few people abusing / farming WSG caps with this glitch. Thanks for making the dev team aware Narus!
  12. Pinkfudge

    Player versus Player Revival

    This post really sums up PvP and how it should be revived! I am completely in agreement with you! 10/10 Bud #MakePvPGreatAgain
  13. Pinkfudge

    Mage Shields Buff

    I am not quite sure they would be able to buff the shields but what they could do is maybe up mage stamina up a little more? I am not sure. But i do agree that mages are a little on the weak side.