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  1. Juan Mateo

    Mailbox !?

    All that I lost after they released my account, as I said I bought a brawler bag and while I was waiting for BG, I finished the BG and opened my mailbox but there was nothing .
  2. Juan Mateo

    Mailbox !?

    Good day, I have a problem with the mailbox, 2 days ago I bought a brawler bag and usually it arrived by mailbox but when I opened it there was nothing then I waited a while longer, I went to BG and as usual my tabard disappeared, I also know that return it by mailbox but there was nothing, close the game, erase the cache, I went back but there was nothing, Three days ago my account was returned to me as it was forbidden, I say this in case this is the problem. Thanks. Name of Account:JuanMateoOros
  3. Juan Mateo

    Permanently Ban ? Is my 1st time

    Okay, they are absolutely right, I have used it abusively killing the bosses, but the account is different, I am not the same person who used tricks on my IP, most of the people who speak Spanish on that server know that we are two different people, they even think that we are brothers, I did not really know that my friend used tricks but if they want tests ask whoever speaks Spanish in the game they know that we are not the same person, it was the first time I used tricks and they forbade me permanently, I'm really sorry, I did not know that in my IP I had used tricks before, I accept any type of punishment but not permanent please.
  4. Juan Mateo

    Permanently Ban ? Is my 1st time

    Amm, of course I understand but it does not seem fair to me to ban my account permanently, it's okay I did not say I do not want a sanction, I deserve it but I do not think it's a permanent because it's the first time. Or if you break a rule once it is a permanent account ban? From what I understand, I think you think it was the fourth time I cheated, I do not know if my friend has already used cheating before but we use the same Internet and therefore it is the same IP, please I want solutions.
  5. Juan Mateo

    Permanently Ban ? Is my 1st time

    1. Who baned you? I do not remember the name but it was a shaman orc 2. What were you doing? I was trying a trick that a friend gave me. 3. Do you think you should be free? No, but I think I do not deserve a permanent sanction since it was the first time and not the fourth as I was told. 4. The name of your character: Harleyfire, Merlina. 5. Account name: JuanMateoOros. 6. IP Address: