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  1. Claus

    Verbal abuser

    Thank you for your report, this will be handled shortly. I'm locking this topic for further replies.
  2. Claus

    Can't play

    Greetings, Have you downloaded our patches, launcher ? If not, you can download them from here. Please delete cache when your patches are completely downloaded and placed in the "data" folder. If you complete all these steps and the game still doesn't want to run properly, download it again from the links we've provided.
  3. Claus

    Im sorry :(

    Greetings Wingstar, You used a cheat program on purpose, which means you are not sorry about what happened with your account, because otherwise you wouldn't use the program. You were aware that you could get caught and you still cheated. By my opinion you should wait for your ban to expire. The ban appeal section is for players that were banned wrongly (if they feel it like this) and they ask for reconsideration. I'm locking this topic for further replies. /lock
  4. Claus

    Community Achievements

    Greetings everyone ! We are happy to inform you that you've completed one of our community achievements. 50 Vote points will be distributed to all existing accounts ! Forum Participation [LINK] Current Objective: 1150 Registered Users Rewards: 50 Vote Points
  5. Claus

    banned from Discord

    After a careful reconsideration of our decision, we've granted you one more chance. You are now able to log our discord server. Our request is next time before you throw up a comment or reply that our staff members won't tolerate - first think about the consequences. I'm locking this topic for further replies. /lock
  6. Claus

    Why I quit Havoc-wow

    Greetings @Arq, Our team of developers and content creators are working every day to provide you the best gaming experience. Some things are not expected to work properly with the first release, because mistakes happen and we are striving to make them vanish. Also I think we are one of the servers that isn't P2W, because there are no other servers that provide dp for only voting (80vp=1dp, top voters that also receive dp and etc) . Yes, it's harder if you don't pay, but it is still reachable. I could not understand the thing regarding our game masters. The fault is not Syl's as @colomolo says, we as a team are making decisions. We removed the pvp tokens to bloody vip tokens due to farming , too many people began to exploit it and we had to either ban them or just remove it (because newcomers didn't know it and then there starts another drama why 1 person is banned and another isn't ) . The thing Colo said about PvP and entertaining our End Game Donors has a point and we are reviewing the options for PvP upgrades, but for now it is not our list with priorities. Also If someone has a problem with a staff member - the easiest way to report him is through me - providing screenshots and a detailed explanation of your report. Our developers, content creators and game masters have a lot of responsibilities. Those who have questions about our roles can check the post for it in the Announcements section.
  7. Claus

    Stuck Glitch

    Thank you for your report. We'll be back shortly with an answer.
  8. Greetings, Havoc Community! It's been a while since we last made a post about upcoming updates! Now is the time to let you sneak and have a glimpse on one of our new features! We have implemented minigames which are simply customized events, scripted and tested out! They will be starting upon a click of the mouse by the player whose intention is to attend these games. A brief description: The participators will start off with a certain amount of resources. These resources are used for both participating in the event and buying the rewards after it, so you will have to spend them wisely! Once your resources go 0, you will not be able to use all of the event features! The minigame itself consists of 25 waves of enemies, which are to be defeated by the participator. Each wave grows bigger & stronger, thus you need to decide whether you want to spawn a tower or not, and if yes - what kind of tower. The stronger they are, the more they cost. How do you win resources ? Resources are easily gained, especially if you are a strategist! Knowing when to spawn a tower may lead to destroying the strongest minions which drop loads of resources! How about rewards ? Rewards are bought with the same resources as the ones you're using to spawn towers in the minigames. If you broke yourself up out of resources, you will not be able to continue further with the minigame & probably wouldn't be able to afford any more of the late-game rewards this event has to offer.