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  1. Greetings everyone. We have decided to create this post for those who don't know the staff behind the veils. Here you can see the meaning of every role and you shall know who you can refer to if you have any questions. Havoc-WoW Administrators/Owner: Under these groups we have : @Syl - Server Owner and the person who decided to run this project. The person who gives actual information and donation offers. He is in charge of everyone in our staff. If you want to migrate with your character from another server here you have to contact him, but first make sure you have filled properly the Character Migration Template. @Shagrath - He has 2 roles - an irreplaceable developer and Head administrator. As simple as it is, he is in charge of everyone below, also has a decisive role in recruiting new staff members. Please keep in mind that our administrators are busy most of the time with server stuff, so those who would like to contact them must refer to a Community Manager who is capable of making the link between players and staff members. Community Managers: Under this group we have: - @Claus - A staff member who is responsible of making the link between players and staff members, when players can not contact them due to some reasons. He is taking care of our image in front of other servers, new players and the only staff member that provides actual staff information when needed. You have to contact him if you have any complains about a staff member or etc. Community Moderators: Under this group we have: @Peyton - A staff member which role is more important in our forums than in-game. He is responsible of keeping our forums neat and clean, also he has to check if there are threads that can help our server and they are still not given an answer/reply and must remind our staff mates to reply on them or listen to their opinion and post it under the thread. Lead Developer/Developers/Content Creators: Under these groups we have: @Glitch - Our lead developer, he is in charge of developer's recruitment. He is also taking care in administration, that's why If you don't find somebody of our Administration team online you can ask him the question you are wondering about. He is eligible to create you a custom weapon, but not without a properly filled format, which means if you don't fill it properly you may wait a bit longer than expected. He also belongs to the group of the Content Creators. @GentLepp - A Content Creator, he is responsible of creating custom weapons, taking part in server modernising, he is also a part of our developer team. You can find him under the name Oniichan in-game. @Geo Cioriia - A content creator that helps in custom weapons creating, you may meet him under another group soon if you take your time to read the whole post. Head Game Master/Game Masters. Under these groups we have: @Alex - The Head Game Master. He is in charge with GM recruitment. If you have complains of any GM this is the person you should contact.He is responsible of hosting events, taking care of tickets, looking after other GMs and choosing carefully the members of this group who are responsible for your joy. The GM with most experience. @Caisy - Game Master, responsible for events, tickets, provision of good gameplay experience. (a.k.a looking for cheaters and etc.) @Dementis - Game Master, responsible for events, tickets, provision of good gameplay experience (a.k.a looking for cheaters and etc.) @Geo Cioriia - Game Master, responsible for events, tickets, provision of good gameplay experience (a.k.a looking for cheaters and etc.) Please keep in mind that the members of each group are fully aware of what's going on with Havoc-WoW and can answer your questions if they are not having any other duties to attend to. If you have any other questions please refer to a Community Manager, who will take care of answering your questions. This roles are not everything a staff member under a certain group does, we have written only the mandatory ones. That's how a team works.
  2. Claus

    Unban me, so I can play :/

    I'm locking this topic for further replies as the final word has been spoken. I hope you've got enough time for yourself to think on what you've done and try not do repeat it. /lock
  3. Claus

    1v1 Arena

    As we promised, I am here with an answer. The idea has been threwn before and our developers have been thinking of it, but it's not on our priority list at the moment. We will take a look at this when our development plan at the moment is finished. Thank you for your understanding. I'm locking this topic for further replies. /lock
  4. Claus

    1v1 Arena

    Greetings, @Xtrodinary ! We are thinking of making some PvP changes, that are going to be in plus for our community. Right now we are trying to balance stats which is why everyone is looking forward to pveing in stead of pvping. We hope that everything will go on its place when the new content is released and players will be able to do both pvp and pve, since there are different gears for both. Havoc Staff would like to thank you for your suggestion. We will be back with an answer shortly.
  5. Claus

    Hey guys i have Birthday today :)

    Happy Birthday ! Wish you all the best ! ^^
  6. Claus

    Gambler NPC is bugged

    Hello @Spartakus ! The Gambler Npc isn't bugged it's like you're playing casino. You should know when to stop, because we are not doing any refunds about it. Enjoy ! I'm locking this topic for further replies. Because we find the case for completed. /lock
  7. Claus

    To Staff :)

    Greetings, @gulverda ! Thank you for your request. I'm closing this topic for further replies, when there's something new on this topic you shall see ! /lock
  8. Claus

    Hello I'm Aeon/Isamu

    Greetings @Isamu ! Welcome to our forums, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. You can contact me via discord, personal message (PM) here on forums, and in game.
  9. Greetings everybody ! We are happy to announce that we've started developing our Facebook Page, which will help us grow in the near future. For this occasion, we have a special offer for you: Like our page and share this post, after that, message us on facebook with your account name from Havoc-WoW and you will receive 5 donor points as a present from us - please keep in mind that you can do it only once. Now's the time to join us on - Facebook ! The deadline for this offer ends on the 20th of February ! This is our way to say Thank you !