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  1. Alex

    Death Knight Ice Bound Fortitude bug

    The spell has been temporarily disabled as it caused many troubles in the past, players literally abused it. We will keep you in touch with the progress of it being implemented back. (if any) Regards, Lex
  2. Alex

    banned from Discord

    After a period of consideration, the staff has decided not to grant you whatever you requested above. Regarding the i80 realm, even if you are accepted to the i80 test phase, you will be reporting the bugs straight into the forums. Discord has nothing to do with this. Regards, Lex
  3. Alex

    Forum moderator application

    After a careful consideration over your application, we are sorry to inform you that you have been denied. You are more than welcome to try again in 30 days. You yourself are pretty much aware of the reason which put you in this situation. Regards, Lex
  4. Alex

    Forum moderator application

    I've got internal information that you have had or you are currently having your account shared with somebody. Unfortunately, we were scammed by an ex-staff members who abused with our friendly attitude. Thus I'm putting this topic on hold and will decide later on what to do with your application. Moreover, creating an application suggests that you have already taken a look at the current rules and obey. Regards, Lex
  5. Alex

    Forum moderator application

    Greetings, Bogdan! Thank you for your application. We are currently having shortage of Forum Moderators, so it's a good thing to see an application in that direction. Where are you from ? (That's a personal question, since the name is more Balkan-like) What would be the first thing you do if you were accepted ? How would you react if you see a player you've been close with prior becoming a Moderator begins to spam the chat in discord as well as forums around ? Regards, Lex
  6. Alex

    Why I quit Havoc-wow

    Greetings! As this topic is quite touching, I afforded to begin with this reply. The reason behind this thread is obvious, as you already mentioned it out, but aren't you a little bit hasty in your decision ? The release of the upcoming realm is just around the corner and I dare to say that you'll see quite an improvement regarding the non-donors content base, such as reduced gap while comparing the non-donor and donor items. Furthermore, the realm will offer balance which isn't fully reachable in our current realm state. The team is working endlessly in trying to provide the experience you are trying to find around. Your statement about the Staff members is subjective though. We have recruited our staff members from different GMTs, as this way they would be able to cover all the player needs. If there are more serious matters awaiting to be solved, they are usually redirected to superior staff members and require patience. I strongly hope that you would reconsider, as we value each one of the players in Havoc . Regards, Lex
  7. Alex

    Community Achievements

    Greetings! We are proud to say that we have recently accomplished one more community achievement! FACEBOOK LIKES [LINK] We must reach the current objective of Likes on Facebook to unlock the related rewards. Current Objective: 250 Likes Rewards: 100 Vote Points NEXT MILESTONE: 350 Likes! NOTE: The vote points will be distributed as soon as possible! Best Regards, Lex
  8. Alex


    Thank you for your report, @mestreech96! The development team shall take a look at it as fast as possible and then we will come up with a feeback about it. We will keep you posted. Best Regards, Lex
  9. Alex

    GameMaster Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Status updated. We are no longer looking for GameMasters. However, we are in need of Community Moderators, if you are interested, please click on the following link: Best Regards, Lex
  10. Alex

    High King Maulgar

    Greetings! You probably survived with the PvP gear as it gives some resilience as well & more HP. However, what gear did you try to kill him with ? Once these questions are answered I will forward the topic to our development team, thus if there is any problem, they will manage to take care of it as soon as possible. Regards, Lex
  11. Alex

    Fail to Apply path

    Also, please make sure that you aren't in fact just entering your e-mail adress, if you are, it will definitely bring you to another window. So, place in the realmlist that Syl mentioned above and enter the game with your account name (not email adress!) & password. Regards, Lex