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  1. Chaos

    The Last Kingdom

    I would like to announce that guilds Chaotic Knights and Security are disbanded! It means that the owners of Security(Peyton) and Chaotic Knights(Chaosftw) are now togheter in one NEW GUILD wich is called “The Last Kingdom”! Everybody that Was a Member of the ex guilds is welcomed back !!
  2. Chaos

    Chaotic Knights

    Chaotic Knight is open ! Plz feel free to wisper me !
  3. Chaos

    Chaotic Knights

    I would like to announcement that Chaotic Knights guild gonna be open on Saturday-Sunday !All people are welcome ! We have full of mats, a guild bank.Every weekend we will make a "Guild Event" rewards gonna be items from {Vip Bosses} + shard or 10-20dp.Enjoy and stay chill,the rest of good staff gonna be soon ! Chaosftw
  4. Chaos

    Special Contest

    1. Why did you choose his tmog ? It's a very cool,and OP.With that tmog we can make alot party ! 2.Does it represent something ? O yea,dont drink alone like i did on the pictures ! 3.What were/are you trying to look like ? I wanted to looks like Charlie Sheen,but not close,should have more chicks on the side.... 4.How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? Well,i would like to invite him,and have a shot with me,and get drunk together ! 5.Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? cant link it,Anti-Nowhere League-Never drink alone,cheers ...hic !
  5. Chaos

    Pvp Opinion

    My opinion about pvp it should be change.You guys should made a option to make only for pvp/bgs only pvp items,which means no vip gear no tabart,Add more pvp staff like weapons,fingers,trinkets...and all class will be on the same page.You guys just blow away casters with abillity they are so op,and pala fucked up for now.And some ppl got 6k haste on they tabbart,and now cant even get this tabart via shop/site just only 4k haste.Lookup fo these problems and try to fix somehow,ty !
  6. Chaos

    Maxley afk farming

    Hi there,i just realized that guy by name Maxley doing afk farming,which means ofc auto jump program or something else frst x2 was taken yesterday,today the last x2 one is fresh.
  7. Chaos

    Gent's GM App

  8. Chaos

    Leveling Guide

    So why did u make a topic about that all,if u pasted another topic from another player,no make sense..