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  1. Narus

    Ban unfair

    Hello Canow. Attacking the dummy keeps you logged in, which is of sorts afk farming. The ban is only 2ds as no program was involved, but if you're going to go afk just sit there otherwise you have a better chance to stay online vs others while attacking the dummy.
  2. Narus

    Prof. Master

    Hello Wacky (Jeba) this is something that has been brought to the staffs attention and will be worked on soon. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long before it's fixed! We will let you guys know when it's up and running again. P.S how come the rename?
  3. Narus

    Ban Appeal

    Hello @mashrob90! In regards to the ban it is going to stay. I have 2 main reasons why : 1. Like I spoke with you I understand its the first time hacking but I'd have to give everyone a chance and you even said you didn't look at the rules when first joining, you just skipped over them and played. 2. You messaged me on discord and asked / begged if I would reduce it / remove it of which I said no because you kept asking. Thank you for using the correct format while making the ban appeal, I hope to see you back after the 7ds and hopefully not hacking 😃 @Alexwould you mind locking this for me ❤️
  4. Narus

    Tide - GM App

    Hello Tide! Your application looks a little short but pretty straight forward and neat which is good so props on that. It looks like time was put in to write it seeing as you have colors and not just one sentence responses. I have a couple questions for you : 1. Can you explain in more detail why you chose to be apart of the Havoc staff team? 2. What changes would you say Havoc needs? 3. What could you do to help out the server? Also could you add more to the response for #2 and #3 for the Scenario questions 😃 P.S : -.25 rep for spamming my typo of "movie it"
  5. Narus

    Dungeon Bug Reports

    Hello everyone! If you would please post any / all bug reports you've been having with dungeons in this topic. Making a central zone to make it easier to figure out what all dungeons need to be touched. Sorry for the interruptions, we are trying to figure out what is going on.
  6. Narus

    promoting arenas

    Once the changes have been made in the future and class balancing has been done I feel this would be a great add, gives people who pvp a chance to get mats if they don't want to fully grind out instances and for instance people who just enjoy pvp they get a small reward for the pve aspect. I will say keep in kind that you shouldn't be able to fully farm all your gear / whatever you use the mats on doing just pvp. It should be something for pvers to possibly do since they do get rewards for pve items
  7. Narus

    Ban without real reason

    Hello @Generate After a brief talk with the staff team, we have decided to keep the ban for the week. Seems a hack was used in order to get to the 2nd boss in the vip instance. Hope to see you back, hopefully without hacks this time! 😃 Have a great day!