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  1. Glitch


    All this "Runeforging for every class" is existing form a previous state of the Server, sadly it's hardcoded to only work with Death Knights, for now ignore it, maybe sometime in the future we can get it work with every class, even though it probably won't be, because we want to keep every class with their standard skills and abilities on the new Realm to get proper balancing in. I will LOCK this topic. if you have any other problems, don't hesitate to make another topic. Regards Glitch
  2. Glitch

    Stuck Glitch

    The problem probably is most likely, that when you want to Solo an instance and then use ANY spell which makes you immortal for a short amount of time, then the boss has no one else to target and in some cases the Fight won't just reset at that point and then sometimes the boss script may bug out in some places. I'm afraid there isn't much we can do. We're trying to either get rid of the bugged instances/raids or try to fix them with the new realm which will replace the current one. I will LOCK this topic for further replies, if you have any other trouble, don't hesitate to open a new Topic. Regards Glitch
  3. Glitch

    Druid Bugged please nerf

    As this is not really a Bug, I will LOCK this Topic. We hope to get more balance into the Server with the replacement of the current Realm with the i80 realm. We are totally aware of the classes not being balanced, and some having some serious trouble. Thank you for your report tho. Regards Glitch
  4. Glitch


    Thank you for your report. We have noticed that too and I can gladly say that this Problem will be fixed once the new realm is taking over. I will LOCK this topic. if you have any other problems, don't hesitate to make another one. Regards Glitch
  5. Glitch

    Death wish warrior spell

    This "bug" has been reported ALOT already, maybe you should use the search function beforehand. This is NOT a bug. the Warrior Talent Enrage is overriding Death Wish because it has a higher Damage Value. That is supposed to work like that as of Patch 2.1.0 "Patch 2.1.0 (22-May-2007): Death Wish and Enrage no longer stack: with both Death Wish (+20% damage) and Enrage present, the greater effect will be picked (Death Wish)." If you need any further help please make another Post, as I will LOCK this one. Regards Glitch
  6. Glitch

    Unban me, so I can play :/

    First of all, I was the one who caught and banned you. You won't get unbanned, because you were clearly hacking to get the rewards of the Stair events, just to get an unfair advantage over the other players. Your ban is just for 3 days, during that time you can think about what you did wrong and why you shouldn't do it again. Regards Glitch
  7. Glitch

    Questions about "Guild Warz" feature

    It won't work, because the System is disabled for now, as it was having some troubles. There is no ETA for when it's coming back yet. Regards Glitch
  8. Glitch

    Leveling Tokens on Shaman Missing Healing Stream

    I used the Leveling Tokens on a Troll Shaman which is a race which can be Shamans normally and on a Blood Elf Shaman which were added with the "All Race all Class" Patch. Both times I got the Healing Stream Totem. Which class are you playing? Regards Glitch
  9. Glitch

    PvP 3 SP druid gloves

    The Script has been fixed recently. If you find another problem with the NPC, don't hesitate to open another Topic. Regards Glitch
  10. Glitch

    Black Temple - Illidan

    As there were no further replies, I'm asuming this problem has been fixed. If you find anything else, don't hesitate to open another Topic. Regards Glitch
  11. Glitch

    Bug Grimoire/Talent/Spell

    As there were no further replies, I assume the problem has been solved. If not please open another Topic. Regards Glitch
  12. Glitch

    custom mount bug

    As this has been posted already, I will lock this Topic. If you find any other bugs, don't hesitate to open a new Topic. Regards Glitch
  13. Glitch

    Poisons in off hand bug

    This has been already reported as the others mentioned, but it may work again soon. As we're working on a Haste Rework. As this has already been posted, I wll close this topic. Regards Glitch
  14. Glitch


    The Custom Item tokens, like the Haste Token you bought are used for VIP items. please check this Topic for more Info Custom Items Regards Glitch
  15. its the visual damage that is bugged, it should show more , we didn't find a fix for that yet.