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  1. Glitch

    AP / SP (again)

    Check the #changelog Channel at Discord to get all the latest updates. it is meant to be like that. As we lowered the amount of Feral AP you get. That change was done at the 22nd December 2019. On top of that the AP and SP displays have a huge tendency to not show the proper amounts because 3.3.5a WoW was never meant for that huge numbers. But in the end it's scaling as it should, it's just the visuals that are messing up. Kind Regards Glitch
  2. Glitch

    Break's GM application

    You application has been APPROVED Welcome to the Team. Regards Glitch
  3. Glitch

    Shaman Talent

    I guess you now know why. It may be changed in the future, I won't promise you anything tho. I'm gonna lock this Topic now. If you have any other problems, feel free to create a new topic. Regards Glitch
  4. Glitch

    Kil'jaedeen in the mall

    It was done via a Morph NPC, he is a player, who just morphed himself into Kil'Jaeden. Regards Glitch
  5. Glitch

    Lets see your Animals!

    You all got some very nice Pets, my favorite is the Black Dog from @Alumi tho. I would like to post a picture too, but my landlord doesnt allow pets. 😪 Regards Glitch
  6. Glitch

    Guess the movie quote!

    it's from Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. Now a very hard one, to start all your engines: "You're one ugly motherfu**er"
  7. Glitch

    Community Achievements

    Updated - 06.06.2018 Due to reaching over 3500 Views on the YouTube trailer 50VP was given out to every existing account. Due to reaching over 400 Registered Forum Member 50VP was given out to every existing account. Next Milestone: 4000 Views - Reward 50VP 450 Members - Reward 50VP Regards Glitch