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  1. I want to change my vote to Zul'Farrak, it really looks like its the best option.
  2. mgorki123

    Upcoming Events! (14.01.2018)

    Quiz Event
  3. mgorki123

    Arathorn Debuff Bug

    When you kill Arathorn world boss, you sometimes get a debuff that damages you until you die. The buff is named "Glacial Strike" Hits me for around 5m every second or so. Logging out doesn't remove the debuff.
  4. mgorki123

    Paladin Heal Bug

    Paladin have a huge healing bug that I found. The more you heal with flash of light or holy light, your sheath of light ability (heals per second) stacks up in numbers. Normally, each heal just refreshes the duration of the heal per second. But in here, it also increases the number heal per second with each cast(edited) so u can heal like 30 seconds before each duel and enter the duel with 30m heals per second and be immortal.
  5. mgorki123

    Szeth's Bug Haven

    6) After teleporting, Sayge Buffs always get deleted from the character and you have to reapply them.
  6. mgorki123

    Szeth's Bug Haven

    1) The dark iron dwarfs before the doors of the first boss Flame Leviathan are bugged. They get down to 1hp, but they don't die, and they follow you all the way through the instance. 2) Sindragosa in ICC heroic is bugged, when it is really close to dieing, it always heals back to full hp. (not in solo encounters, but in a party). 3) Essence of pure flame v10 quest is bugged. Lich King kills won't count. Tried both normal and hc. 4) For tier 11 items, the main set pieces and weapons can be reforged and enchanted, but off set pieces like Neck, Cape, Rings , can't be reforged. This is important for free to play. 5) Heroic Mode Sindragosa in ICC doesn't drop the skin.