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  1. Biggiecake

    WARLOCK after Update....

  2. Biggiecake

    Dungeon Bug Reports

    Gruul Lair bugged again.. Door dont open after killing bosses... Naxxramas cant entereng in upper to Kel'thuzad...
  3. Biggiecake

    Dungeon Bug Reports

    new bugged in... 1 Hellfire ramparts ... Last boss will targeted but i cant attack it 2 Deadmines... after killing 1st boss, door will not opened. 3 Pit of saron... after killing 1st and 2nd bosses Doors to last boss will closed( 4 Icecrown citadel... after killing 1st boss door will closed( 5 Ulduar... after cleaning trash door will not open.. boss dont attacking me(
  4. Biggiecake

    Dungeon Bug Reports

    Hallo 4 days prewiosly Magtheridon Bugged Today we find new bug in Trials of Crusaders, First boss dont targeting and i cant attack it... ty=)
  5. Biggiecake

    Server re-work, new realm in horizon

    I will speak out on this matter ... I work with clients, prepare cakes to order 😃 I have my own concept and my style, which I always adhere to! And this style is like 85-90% of my clients. When they want to order dessert from me, they say we need such a cake, for so many people ... Make it cool! And I'm doing cool 😃 What I want to say for Admins and server development team ... This is your idea, concept! And you made it cool and interesting ... I will say - Make as always cool! I trust you!
  6. Biggiecake

    WARLOCK after Update....

    Good evening dear Administrators! Warlock has big problems with the game after the upgrade ... This applies to: "glyph of quick decay" which only works from haste. Haste rating dont working on the channel spells .. of all channel spells on warlock ... "Hellfire" "Rain of fire" "drain soul" "drain life" heck my videos pls ... After update test ...... look at my haste. and check bottom right corner when i link spell...!hklTwCKD!-o3Gd1DYjOHqYKISFVHfO9rQm4DWxaPw-p7t8x9UgQ8 sorry for my last replic))) before updating check from 1:30 on spell drain life... its so fast and so cool.!k4llhYiL!0NshXSqJfR9MSLXMWL45fStKd40OUB_c9Qb-fMHmo1k Pls Fix it... if it possible Or warlock as a character in the game will be just insignificant and lost ... no competition to WAR PAL ROG or DRU classes((( Thank you for your attention, I hope for your support, and I want to say once more from everyone and from myself personally that ... Your team creates high-quality and interesting content for the game !!! Thank you all very much! You are doing a great job! THANK so MUCH!
  7. Biggiecake

    [Glyph of Quick Decay] - dont work

    Thanks for the timely response, I will wait 😃
  8. Biggiecake

    [Glyph of Quick Decay] - dont work

    Depending on the hast rating, the frequency of ticks should be higher, but it does not increase ... Before updating, Corruption was hung for 4 seconds And after the update, [Glyph of Quick Decay] does not work at all. Check Video
  9. Biggiecake

    ICC Bug on boss DeathBringer.

    Every time i have bugg on this boss look Video. I cant farm alone ICC full becose have this bug every time. i try it 15+ times... cry... look at video
  10. Biggiecake

    BAN or temporarily suspensed?

    Thanks for the quick feedback.
  11. Biggiecake

    BAN or temporarily suspensed?

    Hallo, Admins and GMs of Havoc-Server Team! I apologize for the mistake! This will not happen again ... sorry! You have a very interesting server with a really cool gameplay, and I would really like to continue Playing. 1. Account name :Biggiecake 2. Reason of Ban :Anti-AFK playtime Farming(autocasting-target) 3. Why would we unban you? Maybe it's my human factor but i dont see in rules of server information about using programs for Windows)) I just used programm AutoClicker, no more. And im so sorry for this, and for bad understanding rules of our server. Really sorry! I using this program for Online, no more. and I will never use this program again, I swear! 4. Explanation why you were banned : Anti-AFK playtime Farming(autocasting-target) 5. Additional information : - 6. Who banned you ? - I dont understand, but i think its GM=) Thanks for understanding!