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  1. whocares

    DRUID forma de urso

    Think u gotta do a quest to get Bear form not 100% though.
  2. whocares

    Alliance Flag

    That's Understandable but its allowed isn't it? Also whats the harm if u just scale them down to size of Flags in WSG? Would make it easier or just change the model
  3. whocares

    Alliance Flag

    Could always Scale the flag's Down alittle
  4. whocares


    Thanks For quick response And nice
  5. whocares


    Not sure if this has been posted or not, But whilst trying to skin mobs its comming up in red i need 1275 skinning?, and im 450 level at skinning, So how is this going to work when all the mobs are level 255?
  6. Awesome event Really liked it hope for another again was great fun even though i was on Counter strike at the same time trying to doing this event But hey i won Thanks Guys, Dan.
  7. Awesome Event keep it up guys, Thanks for inviting us to it ! <3
  8. whocares

    Ulduar Hodir's Sigil

    So in Ulduar when trying to obtain Hc Hodir's Sigil, The chest for Hardmode does not spawn which contains the Sigil it self and we cannot progress thru out the quest line any further without this
  9. whocares

    Upcoming Events!

    AS stated above i don't mind
  10. whocares

    Community Achievements

    Nice all done <3
  11. whocares

    Upcoming Events!

    I like them all so i'll let the other's Pick
  12. whocares

    Changes & Requests

    1) Should Make Profession Token's, Transmog Token's, Refund Tokens, And Vanity Token's, Account Bound Would help out alot with alts
  13. whocares

    Mining Profession

    yeah sorry its not showing on the mini map in northrend, All the low level nods show but higher one's dont
  14. whocares

    Mining Profession

    Whilst trying to mine in the northrend And use the mini map Find mineral's for nodes on mini map they are currently now showing. Kind regards, Whocares