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  1. Elfad


    Well, I guess my job as a community member is to point out problems to make it easier for you guys to fix it im neither CC of Developter nor I know how much experience current ones have and what are they capable of doing in order to solve it. But if you want a my suggestion how to fix it I will give you one. Speaking of PVP its easy, simply release new PVP set or make arena one obtainable via PVP tokens or honor. PVE is major problem and it could be tricky, since CUSTOMS exists and youre trying to play around PVE. Simply wont work, best solution would be to make upgrades based on daily and weekly content, BUT not to make players to depends on others since everything is soloable anyways and when I say daily it should include doing such things in any period of the day within 24 hours not every 4 hours, upgrades should be individually not grouply since it doesn't make sense anyways. I will give you an example: take that new VIP ZONE + items, they are not worth it. First you need like 1% chance to get it lets say you need 20 VIP ZONE runs for warrior legs in best way scenario including the fact there are no other warriors around. Then you need like 100 VIP ARMOR tokens that would be also 10 runs min. Perfect fix of such thing would be the Mythic+ chest prototype from retail. You need to do unique things to get key for a chest, you open it WEEKLY, and you have 100% chance to get a 1x random piece of VIP Zone item and 10% chance to get VIP ZONE+ item but in that case youre not getting it 100% VIPZONE item. In order to obtain key you will have to do unique things (which you guys should think of) that will keep you busy whole week, either trough time consuming daily quests or just some kind of farming. So player will need like 8 weeks in order to get full VIPZONE items which would be guaranteed and even then they has them they wont hit the gearing cap because they will still farm same KEY to get 10% VIPZONE+ pieces. About VIP ZONE, it should be included in any upgrading content, rather make individual jewelry or Weapon pieces which would have like 1-10% chance to drop depends on the item they should act like WORLD BOE items, Some of them might be best in slot and be worth farming, some of them would be just a middle gearing item which would help you trough gearing process. Also after rep is fixed adding more content to such rep wouldn't be bad.
  2. Elfad


    Hello there, I would like to share few ideas/suggestions with you guys on i80 update. Obviously these suggestions are made from my own perspective so you might not like them, but that doesn't mean you can trashtalk in comments without valid arguments. So basically the way server works at the moment aint perfect, I understand that server is not stabilized yet and its still full of bugs, but I have feeling that same mistake is going to happen again. Okay, so at the moment, now (Monday, 6/10/2019 10:52 PM) you do have 10 players online 2 of them farming world bosses 8 afking in mall. That is the thing you wanted right ? Whole content and pretty much everything is made around PVE even though customs exist and players like me hits the cap in 1 day, not exactly the cap I do need however 7 days of playtime in order to get VIP ZONE FRAGMENTS and I do have to be active every 4 hours for like 10 minutes and afk the rest. Point is nothing huge was realized, from normal players perspective its just 1 new weapon, 2 trinkets and 1 finger, right ? You wanted to base on PVE, you got it I don't have anything against PVE but same thing is happening once again. Everyone will hit solo content in like a day and rest they will simply afk in mall and be active every 4 hours for 10 minutes in order to progress. Now lets ask ourself the following question : Why are they not doing anything else in meanwhile ? Answer is simple, you guys didn't want to work around PVP content. Now I am expecting standard question to appear : We cant balance PVP blablabla, we work on PVE first. And that's not the exact thing I wrote. No one asks for balance at this stage of server, simply release content. Who doesn't like it or finds PVP unbalanced, he simply wont PVP. Just like people who think farming world bosses 5 hours straight, for single weapon upgrade is pointless wont PVE for example. I see that you are trying to keep players online and active with that every 4 hours farming upgrades, but that's not the way to do it. Rather make requirements for upgrade high with a chance to farm them constantly instead of logging every 4 hours and having population every 4 hours. Lots of people are not even able to catch VIP bosses because they die in like 10 minutes, or simply they are not able to log every 4 hours because hmmm... idk, they have life? Back to PVP, when Im implying that PVP content should be added it doesn't mean that it will take mainstage, PVE is always be more popular way to obtain items and I understand that. I simply want the possibility to progress while doing thing I like more, for example from PVPers perspective, why should I farm world bosses for straight 5 hours Iike I did tonight and probably I have to do it again for new weapon, if I simply could in best way scenario farm 5 hours straight battlegrounds in order to get similar weapon ment for PVP purposes. I really didn't wanted to be so offensive and impulsive, but that's the way how do I interact. I am sorry if anyone is offended, it wasn't my intention.
  3. Elfad


    I do have the right to play the game however I want, and from now on I will never hit my guildmates even once in bg, cry however u want. If we go as u say on @BLIZZARD server, before you make an account you should read rules. Nowhere is written how am I supposed to act in Battleground, I got every right to avoid attacking people if I want to, and there is nothing you can do about it instead of crying. The topic you made just shows how your way of thinking is poor, and how frustrated and childish you can get over game. Brava might have used flag once in empty bg to check how it works or something and you took first opportunity to screenshot it and get him banned , if he used it he used it only once he didn't abused it. MOUNT FLAG is well known thing to staff, if they wanted they could have fixed it months before you realized it is possible. Next time remember to use or at least try to use your brain before you make topic.
  4. Elfad


    Are you kidding me ? lol I have the right to pick who I want to attack.
  5. Hello there, I'm wondering is there a way to put a script on VIP bosses that will generate random respawn time in a range of 1 to 12 hours each time they respawn, I think It will be way more interesting to kill and search them, instead of just logging every 4 hours to clear whole instance in 10 mins and go offline. People are literally doing that, looks like they got some alarms when to log into server and stay 10 minutes online, I think population would raise as well since people would have to be online way more to catch bosses and to not miss any, since no one would actually know when boss would respawn. Thanks for listening, cheers!
  6. Hello there, first of all I would like to introduce myself before I head to main reason I'm writing this post. Long story short, I'm experienced PVP based player mainly who plays this game around 10 years so far starting back from vanilla, sneaking out into every expansion and mostly TBC, WORLK. Used to reach high rating at almost every expansion where I decided to actually spend more than a year of playing and by that I declare myself pretty relevant to talk about PVP revival, my point of view and how it could be done. Firstly lets talk about why is it so relevant to bring back old good PVP. Uhm I don't know.. maybe because since BGs are not going anymore population died? maybe 30/40% minimum to be honest. Im not saying PVP is only thing which caused that and Im not putting PVP anywhere before PVE and I do believe that ratio of these 2 should be equal (which is not the case atm) but PVE itself is not enough to keep player base as it was before and I will tell you why. Start with a basics almost everything is soloable even by someone who has noncustoms, grinding aint that great since you don't have to be on alt account constantly to actually gear your alt which is pretty gag fi you ask me, you need like 2/3 days max to be full bis, and so on. WHAT CAUSED PVP TO DIE? Well from my point of view besides that server ran out of PVP content already, PVP tokens are not of usage and its really easy to gear up (you used to get fully geared in a day), I think that main reason why pvp died is Pay To Win, even if customs are disabled in Battlegrounds VIP4 set and Gems are op combination in any term. If you actually compare FULL VIP4 guy fully gemmed and full PVP guy using an actual set which is ment for pvp on first place, you will notice following : around 70-60m health advantage 2-3 times higher damage, healing advantage 1/3 Resilience less disadvantage (which is totally worth it and its barely noticeable) HOW TO REVIVE PVP -Make better usage of PVP tokens -Add set bonuses which will benefit you as a PVPer on PVP sets -Reduce gems on VIP items from 3 to 1 -Introduce ARENA SEASONS with unique rewards at the end of every 3-5 months depends how you decide season to last -Introduce new PVP set obtainable only with arena points -Disable PVP gems in arenas (not in bgs) Thanks for listening, Cheers!