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  1. What if there was an item that a dev could create for a player if he had lets say 10 donation chips or 10 dp and that the player could chose (almost) every morph in the game and that only that item was soulbound so that only that player can use that item for a certain morph for example Thrall, Lich King, Stormwind Soldier, Orgrimmar grunt etc. , I think the system would be ok if the dev checks out what the morph id is first so that the player doesn't choose a HUGE character model morph, idk what other people will think about this tho ^^
  2. Gaiisok

    Gruul's Lair bosses respawning

    Hello, my name is Gaiisok, also the name my rogue has ingame, I have found out recently that rogues can easly abuse a farming bug with Gruul's lair bosses where if u leave just 1 boss alive and if u vanish the other 4 respawn, sure it works every few minutes but every few minutes is a lot compared if u're farming for hours, and if I have preparation ON you can do it every 5 minutes, Like it's benifical but I feel like it isn't fair towards other classes, yes that's how it's supposed to be scripted but it just feels unfair.
  3. Gaiisok

    Poisons in off hand bug

    Hello, name is Gaiisok, and lately a bug that isn't really gamebreaking but kind of annoying, is bugging me. On rogues if you have haste cap (0.01 attack speed) and you have deadly poison (or any other poison) in your off hand it will not proc with auto attacks what so ever, while the main hand poison procs, idk if you can fix this but if u can can u fix it asap. Tyvm <3