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  1. Ingame name: Grimlock For how long you've played on havoc: I'm a member of the havoc community since 2018-08-04 Discord Name: Grimlock#4322 Why do you want to become a beta tester: I really like the server, and seeing the population going down in the past months makes me sad, thats why i want to help in the development of the new realm
  2. Do you plan on releasing something new soon? Because there is literally nothing to do except doing one VIP instance over and over, this is why the population has dropped slightly over the past months.
  3. Limz

    Fel Orc

    Anyone else got this problem? i got all the parts on me, everything works fine when you create a new char, but if you change race this happens. Level 30 Gear PvP 5 Gear Silver Hand I got Patch-4, Patch-Z and Patch-T
  4. Limz

    Some Ideas

    Some Ideas Firts - Making less tiers(atm we have 19 instances which in my opinion are too much), making 5 dungeons(solo) and 5 raids(group) would be way better and it will make space for new content. Second - Adding more World content(Quests/Bosses) for Titles/Weapons/Armor. Third - Upgradable Armor/Rings-Trinkets/Weapons from New Content. Four - Transmog Dungeon for BFA items. Five - Increase VIP instance drop rates, idk what % they are atm but i've done that 6-7 times in a row and got nothing (or maybe i just got bad luck idk ).
  5. Limz


    Adding Highborne Relics to the VIP Instance would be really nice(As a drop or from a quest with Jewellery Fragments)
  6. Since the new VIP Gear was released and it's pretty hard to obtain it. Why don't you add the gear to NPCs and it should be sold for Magic Gold, atm the Magic Gold is useless, this way we can use it again and also revive the PvP because it's kinda dead at the moment. (The Magic Gold is obtainable via PvP or Playtime(The PvP is Faster) for the ones who don't know) It should be something like this: 150 MG = 1 piece of the VIP Instance 250 MG = 1 piece of the VIP Zone
  7. Limz

    Profession Master bug

    Did you train the next level? If its 75/75 it will not work, if its 75/150 it will work
  8. Limz

    Torment of the Worgen

    It morphs you into a worgen, and it looks cool ("There's a hundred more buffs in the game that could be added but that would mess up with gearing/progressing") please share them with us
  9. Add Torment of the Worgen / Redemption of the Fallen / Legacy of the Mountain King to the VIP 4 Buffs since the #buff command doesn't work in battlegrounds i don't think adding them will be a problem.
  10. Limz

    Some Ideas

    About the 4th Suggestion i had something in mind, creating boxes that contain MoP/WoD or Legion Transmog Sets all the 8 pieces of the set with 100% chance. Also adding MoP/WoD or Legion Weapons to different boxes on 75% chance for MoP / 50% for WoD and 25% for Legion. The boxes should be added to an NPC and can be bought with special currency which is rewarded from Quests. The quests should require Sindragosa's Skin, Nefe Skin etc. Or create new items which are dropped only from the last boss of each Tier Instance(Something like "Lich King's Head", "Illidan's Skulll", "Hand of Ragnaros" etc.), you can also replace the Emblem of Triumph/Frost from the Event quest with the currency that is required to buy the Transmog Boxes, or add something required for the quest. Or you can create new bosses, and create a quest that requires their slain and loot(Loot should have 40-50% drop rate, and the bosses 1-2h respawn time). ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** About the 7th suggestion i think you should keep the [Flare of Havoc]. But you should increase the converted quantity of the items. How i think it should be done( this is my opinion ) 5x [Flare of Havoc] - > [Name Change Token] x1 5x [Flare of Havoc] - > [Race Change Token] x1 5x [Flare of Havoc] - > [Faction Change Token] x1 5x [Flare of Havoc] - > [Appearance Change Token] x1 10x [Flare of Havoc] -> [Profession Token] x10 10x [Flare of Havoc] -> [Vanity Token] x10 10x [Flare of Havoc] -> [Armor Shard] x25 10x [Flare of Havoc] -> [Weapon Shard] x25 10x [Flare of Havoc] -> [Boss Head] x10 Also you can remove the Name/Race/Faction and Appearance Tokens since they drop from mobs and add the new currency for the Transmog Quest if you decide to add it.