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  1. Andor

    Transmog Set

    Hey, There's already a thread where you can request transmog items and sets, Check here.
  2. Andor

    Portable Mailbox and World Banker

    Hey there, This could be a thing. I know Jeeves is a portable banker, but has Cooldown. Though I'm pretty sure a new one like the teleporter could be made.
  3. Andor

    Torment of the Worgen

    I'm personally against this. The worgen one does scale with SP since it does shadow damage. And it can get pretty op, since it procs on almost every hit I believe.
  4. Andor

    Fly Everywhere Mount

    Hey, could work. Maybe you could provide us with a list of mounts you'd like to be added?
  5. Andor

    25-man raids to drop normal items

    Yeah, but not all raids have multiple difficulties. Only starting WotLK raids have. Classic/TBC have only one. I had an idea with this as well, but with dungeons, but classic dungeons don't have HC mode sadly.
  6. Andor

    Alliance Flag

    Hey, That's not a big, it's the guild wars system that we have on the server. people are just being weird about which areas they claim for their guilds. It's still in uh, beta so to say, and pretty buggy.
  7. Andor

    Arathorn Debuff Bug

    If you read the description of the debuff, it stays until you're fully healed. however, I can confirm that even if you fully heal yourself, it doesn't get removed.
  8. Andor

    Mining Profession

    is the "now showing" supposed to be a typo? cuz if not, I don't see what the issue is.
  9. Andor

    Guild warz feature!! -- tutorial

    This is awesome, I have one question though. Are the buildings in the same world for everyone, or different phases or who can see those, if anyone can that is
  10. Andor

    Connection problems

    Glad you managed to fix it
  11. Andor

    Connection problems

    Hmm, seems to work just fine for me and a few others, did you try clearing your cache and trying again?
  12. The remains of Thalorien Dawnseeker, for the quest Thalorien Dawnseeker is alive, you can talk to it, but doesn't give you the blessing.
  13. Andor

    stuck in connected section .

    The server needs a restart, something crashed, but it didn't restart itself. And only someone with access to the host can do it. It's not only you, or has nothing to do with the custom patches.
  14. The crafted mail chest piece, Thick Netherscale Breastplate from leatherworking, crashes your client, and those who are near you when equipped. If previewed, crashes only your client. If equipped, client crashes on the character list instantly