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  1. Character name: Nill / Bíll / Thrill ect. Joined: June/July 2018 Discordname: Bill#3840 I would like to become a beta tester because the server needs some good and balanced content. I've got nothing else to do on Havoc, pretty much completed everything. CBA writing an essay, i want to contribute.
  2. sigve95

    Black Temple - Illidan

    When I talk to Akama for him to open the gate up to Illidan, he just walks through the roof and starts the fight, the gate is still closed, and after a while Illidans attacks me. When he goes to 2nd phase, and summons the warglaives, they dont aggro on me and I cannot finish the fight.
  3. sigve95

    Sunwell - Kil'Jaeden

    Kil'Jaeden spawns like 100 times. Dunno what more info you need