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  1. Wacky

    ban apeal D

    How should I know it's been reported for some time? I do not watch what bugs people are reporting. In that case, I did not ignore it, just did it. And nowhere has it been written that those flying can not use the flying mount ... and when you've created "fly everywhere" why not help myself?
  2. Wacky

    ban apeal D

    1. Who banned you? I do not know, because I was not at the computer in this time. 2. What were you doing? I have written in UCP that: "Abused refund system" 3. Do you believe you should be unbanned? If yes, why? I play WoW long time and never used any hacks or something else, but this is not about it. I'm fair player. I know, you know, some players know, there (on the server) are some bugs. But it aren't bugs, only half-baked plans. You make there - world flying mount and make "jump event for quest". Why you banning it, when you give to players many options how to complete easier and faster some quests. The world isn't only beautiful place, the world is bad too. Some people dont say to you, what you need to make better with your life, but you can look on other guys how they it do. You can look on other players how they do it, if anything is not good on your server, you can rework it, but why you ban players for your fault? Yes, some people will said you about fault, but why can not improve myself, when you give us the opportunity?! 4. Your character name: Detonator 5. Account name: durik 6. IP Adress: This ban is my first, the Christmas coming and my birthday in this month too. You can make me big present. Can't you look at this with love ♥? New year, new chance be better? I make an "trailer" for your server, I still help some people who comes to the server. And this is my reward. Ban for xx time... It is not fair. Thanks for every reaction.
  3. Wacky

    Prof. Master

    Proffesion master is broken. When I want upgrade my skill of any proffesion he only say to me "you haven't much money" or something similar. I know, it's not important, but when u want any profession fast it is needs. Because upgrading profession with +1skill is tedious.
  4. https://youtu.be/m9QRFX9nhEI
  5. Wacky

    Special Contest

    "Why did you choose his tmog ? " - Because I'm scary undead from the countryside, muhaha! "Does it represent something" - Unreleased horror movie of World of Warcraft version. "What were/are you trying to look like ? " - As a dangerous redneck with scythe and pitchfork, haha. "How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? " - Wrong Turn (horror, thriller) 😝 "Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? " - Video not sound, haha
  6. Wacky

    Warrior - Death Wish

    Hello. I found a bug in Death Wish spell. If I use it without attack it work.. ... but when the attack is gone it immediately disappears... There are screens as evidence. (Used in-game stopwatch to check the time) On the first screen you can see I use Death Wish On the second sreen you can see I used Death Wish and when the attack it immediately disappears. (e: in the middle addon show it) On 3rd screen you can see I use Death Wish + can see my stats - Damage On 4th screen you can see when I attack the DW disappear and I lost some damage. Please repair, because for example; paladin can use Avenging Wrath and warrior can't use DW. It is unfair. 😕