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  1. Mograine

    Black Temple Council bug

    Hello, I write this to report a bug in Black Temple. I know this was talked about it in Discord , but i did i made it here so you guys can keep a travk of it with more details abd fix it. Lets begin: I started to help a player today and i noticed that once i reached the Council room and killed the priest aka Lady Malande the other council bosses didnt died at the same time as priest's death so Akama wont come to open the door to Illidan. Till now it worked as the follow: you kill Lady and all other council members die at the same time so Akama could come and open the door. Here are some Screenshots if it helps: Lady down, bosses up all bosses killed Can you guys fix the bug? Something like it was(kill Lady and all other bosses drops down dead at the same time as Lady dies) or you kill anny boss and all goes down at the same time the boss dies. P.S.: make this doable for casters too. Just simply if 1 boss dies all the others die at the same time as the first no matter if its killed by melee or spell damage. best regards, Mograine
  2. Mograine

    Minor ICC bug: 2 Professors

    Reporting again the same problem. Here's the SS: