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  1. colomolo


    I assume it's your first time playing this game. I advise you to bite back whenever you get bitten and not report anyone, you're gonna be disappointed by the amount of tolerance this server offers towards toxicity and harassment.
  2. colomolo

    Unreasonable Bann

    were you attacking a dummy or was there a low level mob attacking you while you were afk? both of those can cause a ban apparently since you avoid the logout script/protocol
  3. colomolo


    @Tide you were accused for adding stats to your own custom weapon, no dp or custom tokens are mentioned. So I'd suggest you start posting proof of your innocence instead of forwarding the blame to some other guildies who left the server already. You referred to Fauxpas as your own guild before yet you're saying someone else owned it, without trying to provide proof for any of your claims. You're just trying to state "facts" like they're obvious while they don't seem like that to anyone.
  4. colomolo


    So you're implying there was no way for you to add stats to your own custom or make yourself a new one with such limited access to the database?
  5. colomolo


    I know how much staff gets monthly, i could earn more than that by doing pvp. How couldn't you add them by yourself? Thought you had db access as a developer
  6. colomolo


    @Tide I heard you were also accused of adding stats to your own custom. As an attempt to prove your innocence, why don't you post all your donation transactions or character migration approvals here? I know it has nothing to do with the other abuse issue you were accused for but at least you could prove them wrong for something. I heard you jumped from 80m to 200m and then to 400m in a very short period of time.
  7. range haste cap is still at ~4k haste which means hunters in battlegrounds are attacking 100 times per second while the rest of us are attacking ~5 times a second
  8. can we please address the most trouble-causing abilities/effects in pvp? -Ranged haste -Frenzied regeneration -Mind flay -Feral physical damage scales with haste and is over the charts op
  9. colomolo

    Server re-work, new realm in horizon

    ^ That's something @Glitch should take note of
  10. well all channeled abilities and dots/hots scale on haste, what's the point of just naming few of them
  11. colomolo


    they are not breaking any rules by not attacking each other. The flag on the mount is a different issue and i didn't comment on that.
  12. colomolo

    Bugged Items - Can be from the Felorc race

    PvP gems only work in PvP zones
  13. colomolo


    This topic was already discussed. We don't want to gang bang our IRL friends and guildmates in battlegounds. We do 1v1,2v2,5v5 fights between our guildies but we wont 3v1 each other if it doesn't change the outcome of the fight since it's unnecessary and demoralizing. I advise you to read the rules before reporting someone your sister already reported for the same issue. Instead of premade que-ing battlegrounds as four 100m overtuned players, we like to solo que and keep the fights balanced, which sometimes requires avoiding certain discussed scenarios. We try to keep the pvp healthy unlike you who abuse and exploit every possible ability/item that benefits you in pvp. Nice free action potion you got there, Jock, you forgot to bind it. Nice hunter macro you got there (/cast Feign death /use Reindeer's Reins), Nehemah.
  14. colomolo

    vip instance gear rework

    i vote to make them soulbound. At least main set pieces
  15. colomolo

    Shoulder enchants

    none of the enchants from the enchanter work