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  1. you can find the latest patch Z on discord, if it's not yet updated on the website. @Punx
  2. colomolo

    Request a transmog

    These mounts please:
  3. colomolo

    Request a transmog can you add a weapon type to this item? it's not transmogable atm because it has no type. Should be "off-hand"
  4. colomolo

    Request a transmog i'm pretty sure this tmog is already requestable with the ingame NPC but there seems to be no way of finding the ID.
  5. colomolo

    Detailed Guide to Death Knight

    Why do you have an ability binded on W, how do you walk forward?
  6. colomolo

    Guild warz feature!! -- tutorial

    Okay so i was JUST informed that the original concept had contestable guild zones but it was removed for some reason. Does anyone know who did that and what's the reason behind it? This topic really frustrates me, sorry UPDATE: ZF (t14) didn't even launch yet and it's already taken by someone.
  7. colomolo

    Guild warz feature!! -- tutorial

    What about this? This is the OP saying that the flags are contestable tho they're actually not? I'm 99% sure the person who developed the concept made the flags contestable because otherwise it actually makes 0% sense. Or tell me how the "first come first serve" logic would make a concept called "guild WARZ" skill-based?
  8. colomolo

    Guild warz feature!! -- tutorial

    First of all, the ethnicity thing was meant to imply 4 different cultures and languages, nothing else. And yes, I'm completely new. That's the reason why my opinion should matter to the dev team. I've played on numerous ~30 people population servers and they all figured a way to promote PvP with that number of players. Everything about PvP on this server is broken in it's own way. -PvP gear is totally wack,.shaman, paladin and druid loose 90% of their total damage output when switching from pve to the equivalent pvp gear, to gain like 40% more defensive stats. It's better to just stay in PvE gear on all classes probably. -You don't get anything for capturing objectives and winning battlegrounds. 99% of the battlegrounds are just 2 donors graveyard camping each other for 20 minutes straight and some newbies trying to catch the PvP tokens behind them. I mean that makes the PvP aspect of the server ALSO a grind that includes absolutely no skill. If you're a non donor, your best bet is to que snipe a donor and stay next to him while he dominates everyone in the BG. Wow, you earned your PvP gear, champion. -The whole point of me replying on this topic, saying the "guild warz" should get a few tweaks, is because it's the easiest and most original, fun way to promote PvP and also, establish communism. And wait, you're trying to tell me running to Prince Malchezaar, Ragnaros (after clearing the whole raid to get him to spawn) and Lich King (clearing the WHOLE instance to get him to spawn) numerous times to get your trinkets/bags isn't time consuming? Looks like i'm not really a pve/sologrind enthusiast if I find that boring. Oh, Netherpite skin has like 10% drop chance, have fun. Note: I have 500 dp worth of gear on my character so i can solo anything the server offers and kill 90% of players in BGs, which makes these opinions objective. @Barcodeboo
  9. colomolo

    Guild warz feature!! -- tutorial

    There's a thing called guild pride and this Guild "Warz" concept sounds perfect for promoting that, including PvP between opposing guilds. I didn't yet understand what are the farms, barracks and halls used for but i didn't see a single one yet, nor did i see anyone trying to attack one owned by Ice to Meet you. However, if the gtele outposts were contestable, it would promote opposing guilds and let people actually choose which guild they'd want to be in. As an example, I've been called a noob by at least 5 Ice to Meet you guild members (i'm in the guild too btw) just because i have donor gear. Of course i left the guild after that but was forced to ask for a reinvite later because farming shards&skins is impossible without the teleports. Now, tell me, what am i supposed to do if i get kicked from the guild? I'm literally forced to leave the server because the grinding aspect of the server is too time consuming without the gteles. Having 1 guild on a whole server literally makes no sense. it's like sharing a room with a Russian 11 year old, a Persian 8 year old and a Spanish 9 yo when neither of them speak English and also they ask you to to their homework every single day and give them some money for ice cream. What's the point of guild chat when you have world chat? Which guild is gonna do the server first t15? oh yeah, the only one. You can't even BM anyone because they're your guildies and you're gonna get kicked from the server ,literally. You can't kick kids who stand in fire in your raids because they're in your guild. I bought the World Flying tome today from the store and you apparently get a mount with which you fly wherever you want. I bind it instead of the usual mount i used because i didn't think there would be a situation where i wouldn't want to use the world flying mount. Well i was wrong because i joined a bg and i hit the mount button and boom, i was instantly flying towards my enemies (it's an instant cast 310% speed mount) and this guy from my guild wrote on world chat "COLO NOOB HACK FLY IN BG" and then he started threatening me in whispers saying he'll post screenshots. Why would anyone ever want to be with a guy like that in a guild lmao. Anyway i may take guilds too seriously but i literally joined this server because the previous server I played on closed and my guildies and I found out about this server and we can't even make our own guild here. They refused to migrate here, mostly because there's 0 PvP and because we're forced to be in a social guild that invites every single person who joins the server.
  10. colomolo

    Guild warz feature!! -- tutorial

    how does my guild contest a zone owned by another guild? so this guy came on the server when it launched, bought every single zone in the game and everyone has to be in his guild now. I don't understand the guild WAR thing if everyone's saying that i can't contest a zone/instance owned by the guild that bought it like 41 years ago.
  11. colomolo

    General Macro Guide + War/DK/Pal

    /backpedal /send [account bound custom wep] from other toon /charge /bladestorm