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  1. Nehemah

    Ban appeal ....
  2. Nehemah

    Ban appeal

    In the hypothetical case I was using hack, for what? To teach a hunter their rotation, and the use of stings (because their game is in Spanish and do not see the names of the skills) etc? This is ridiculous, because I told you I can prove it and yet you did not want. Edit: i Have engineering boots that gives 300% speed for 3-4 seconds, not nitro boots, are "boots" not enchants
  3. Nehemah

    Ban appeal

    thats because i cant put it all information in the correct format, but i do my best in my new post, thanks.
  4. Nehemah

    Ban appeal

    1. Who banned you ? Bearlybear. 2. What were you doing ? Training with a hunter, showing him how he can shot without make damage, so i cant be dazzed because i had aspect of cheeta and i was not taking damage. 3. Do you believe you should be unbanned ? If yes, why ? Yes, because i was helping a guildmate, showing him what pet is better, how to use their character and pet, and some tricks, not "hacking" this ban makes no sense ._. 4. Your character name: Minigun 5. Account name: Patrickbus
  5. Nehemah

    Ban appeal

    I got banned with a gm idk what - bear he say: i got banned because i has ussing speed hack, anyone explain me this, i has using aspect of cheeta (38% because some beasts talelent give 8% more) im vip (30%) Kindred Spirits (beast pasive +10%) i can run up to 78% and if you got HITTED with DAMAGE you will get dazzed, if you got hitted with shots with no damage you cant get dazzed, so i got banned cuz a gm dont know the talents? i was just training a hunter with my character Minigun (hunter) this is unfair, why i need to wait 7 days? this makes no sense. I tell to the gm i can show you how i do it, but no, he only ban me.
  6. Nehemah

    Im banned for doing PvP

    Several days ago I made my appeal and I still do not get my answer, did I make a mistake?
  7. Nehemah

    Ban appeal

    I know, it's because I do not speak English by birth, obviously.
  8. Nehemah

    Ban appeal

    1. Who banned you ? I was disconnected when they banned me 2. What were you doing ? refounding stones vip level since nowhere does it say it is forbidden 3. Do you believe you should be unbanned ? Not because it is prohibited, if it was im not banned. If I should be banned, because I did not know it was forbidden. 4. Your character name: Nehemah, Instantkill, Minigun, Assesinight. 5. Account name: Patrickbus 6. IP Adress :I do not know why sometimes the end numbers varies, but I think it is this (since they are two different computers)
  9. Nehemah

    Im banned for doing PvP

    today try to log in my account and I could not, says it is temporarily suspended, for a reason without meaning, if you do not want to refound, to put something to refound? I only had a lot of pvp token, in my character Instantkill 3th in the kills table in pvp (5326 kills), and my rogue Assesinight 4th (4163 kills), how am I supposed to not have pvp tokens? Also now a single refounder is worth 2 DP and if someone wants to refound something that is worth 2 DP will not win anything and I did have to pay every time I use the refound, with the pvp tokens. So the reason for the ban is "being a pvp player and buying the tokens from the store is ban, because we do not like that" what is the meaning of that?
  10. Nehemah

    Death Wish

    me too, is normal, and u can have 1 enrage in the same time, the normal amount is 2 but, well...
  11. Nehemah

    the infinites target's dummy's

    hello! i find a bug, i can spawn infinite target dummy's and advanced target dummy's, is the same stuff, same CD, but in the ítem say : "Use: Droops a target dummy on the ground that attract nearby monsters ot attack it. Last for 15 seconds or until killed." but here the real problem, cant be disarmed, not left the corpse later to die, and stay for infinite time or if i logout all despawn, if one of all dummy's is hited, all die. The target dummy's works good, take agro and can be hited, but the HP is bugged i think. First when is hited not lose nothing of the total HP but later to the next hit lose all HP, here some potos to prove it, and sorry for my bad english, i talk spanish but im trying to improve my english, thanks!.
  12. Nehemah

    frost precense not work

    no give 8% stamina only give armor.
  13. Nehemah

    protec enrage not work

    arms and fury enrage work good, only can have 1 same time, are good. this 2 enrages can be stackeables, in other words should have the arms/fury and the protection, but the damage reduction work good.
  14. cant remove the gem to my shield, only have equiped shield.
  15. Nehemah

    hunter, bugged spells

    edit: Pasive spells of hunters pet: Great stamina not work, natural armor it does not work or the armor reaches the limit not in all pets, wild hunt does not give what it says until something is changed in the character that gives stamina, blood of the rhino give heal but not health.