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  1. Noxxi

    Nicky's GM Application

    Hey Lex, How do you feel about working in a team with people you barely know ? I personally know Andrej quite well actually and i'm pretty sure i know a good amount of geo's life aswell. Concerning the other staff members: I barely know you guys but aslong as everyone is mature when it comes to the server and it's playerbase then it's all good, i'd like to meet new people that like the same thing as i do. when it comes to the personal aspect of interacting to eachother.... i think i'll fit in quite well after seeing the 3rd question here. What is the thing which made you apply ? What motivated you to apply ? I have previous experience with the position, I am online alot when there isn't any other staff member online and i like the be able to help people when they need it. And honestly, Geo totally pushed me into it! Do you like Netflix ? As a platform, yes. Do i spend a lot of time on it? Only if Bates Motel comes back or any of the marvel series start again (they won't) I download most of the series that i watch since they're not on netflix. I'm not sure what will happen if i say no to the netflix question so.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Best Regards, Nicky
  2. Noxxi

    Nicky's GM Application

    1) Age? 25 years old. 2) What are your In-game character names [Names that players would most know you by]? Agony, Noxide 3) How long have you currently been with us on HavocWoW and what are your contributions up to this point? i've joined in April 2018 and took like a 6 months break until my friend called me back to Havoc. 4) What is your timezone? GMT+1 5) How many hours do you spend In-game on a day to day basis? During the weekdays i'm playing around 4-5 hours per day after work. 6) Have or do you currently play Retail, if so; how long and which expansions? I've played retail for about 14 years in total. From late vanilla until BFA. 7) Have you ever been banned In-Game or on the Forums? If so; specify the reason and duration. I've never been banned. 8.)Have you ever made another application(s) on HavocWoW before? If so; please provide a link to the thread and details. I have not. 9) Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience and how fluent are you with Trinity Core commands? I do, i have been a gamemaster on several server during my private server time. my most recent experience was on a server called Project Inferno. It was a server that me and a few friends started up but decided to close it after a while due to BFA launch. Concerning Trinity commands, We've used Trinity aswell so it should still be in my brain 10) Why do you feel that you would be a good addition to the HavocWoW Staff Team and what do you bring to an already thriving Staff Team? I consider myself a respectful person which is online alot. i don't mind criticism aslong as its constructive criticism. I'm open to learning new things if that helps getting the community to a higher level. 11) Briefly describe yourself within 350 or less words. (Please include your first name, where you live, your personal interests and your age). My name is Nicky(male), i'm 25 years old, I live in Holland (Delft specifically) and i'm working in the solar branch. My hobbies are playing video games, riding motorcycle and exploring different cultures (comes with the job) 12)Approximately how many hours weekly are you willing to dedicate if you are hired ? It differs from week to week but the least i can dedicate to the server is 20-30 hours per week. 13)What qualities do you possess that can be beneficial for our server ? Some of my main qualities are: willing to help people and see them succeed and always willing to learn new things. for example: i'm very interested in learning how to update patches for people that just reveived a new custom weapon. and learning Heidisql to make customs. 14)What would you do if a player is doing something wrong and yet there is no rule against it ? I would talk with the staff team about the issue and give my suggestion on how to solve the issue. for example: Setup a new rule against it or avoid it from being able to happen again by deleting something in the game. 15)What would you do if you catch a player being disrespectful towards a staff member ? I would give him a warning at first. If he continues i will give him a "vacation" for a short period of time (if i have that kind of power at the time) If at that point i'm a trial gm, i would talk to the staff about it and get someone with the apropriate power to send him away on a holiday. 16)Can you, please briefly outline the contributions you currently make to the Community ? I'm pointing new players into the right direction if they ask for it, I try to make shirt events together with some decently geared players, and last week i've helped a hungarian guy setting up his wow folder in order to play Havoc over teamviewer. these are some of the contributions i feel like i'm making to the community 17)If you get accepted, can you please tell us on which position would you like to emphasize on? Is it GM or DEV/CC ? Why ? I'm aiming for the GM rank since i have no experience with CC, i don't feel like i would contribute alot while being DEV and since i've been a GM several times before, i feel like GM would be the most suited rank for me. 18)Everyone has their own definition of ''teamwork''. What is yours ? Communication is key here, on a respective level. Being open to criticism. On my current job we try to work with the "get shit done" attitude, that means: Get as many people involved as needed because multiple minds are always better than 1. 19) Anything you would like to add? (optional question) I'm a straight up person, if i have a problem with someone i will tell him about it and i expect the same thing back. I do not like being talked about behind my back. Scenario Questions [Mandatory] 1. A Player makes a ticket asking you to give him items because he is unable to get them himself, such as original Legendary Weapons, how do you respond? Unfortunately i cannot give you items of any kind, especially the ones that aren't obtainable. 2. You have muted a player for being disrespectful towards the Staff, he then makes a Ticket cussing, insulting and persistently insults you and/or other staff members, what do you do? I will explain him that what he's doing is against the rules and that i will send him on a short holiday for breaking those rules. 3. You find a player hacking on our Server, what do you do to minimize the situation, if you're unable to ban him? First thing i will do is freeze him and port him to gm island or the jailbox beneath, but most likely they will just Teleport out. after the freeze i will inform the staff on discord on why and who i've frozen so someone with the appropriate power can deal with the Hacker. 4. Your friends are asking you to host an Event so they're able to get a new mount or another available reward they currently do not have, how do you proceed? I won't do such things just because someone is my friend, on the server everyone is equal to me and i will tell them that aswell. 5. You first come online and you notice that there are 2 other Staff Members online yet there is still a high number of tickets active but have remained un-answered, what would you do to help but avoid the same situation in the future? I will check if the other 2 staff members are afk, if they're not afk i will ask them to help me with the tickets and that we need to keep an eye out for tickets to keep the players happy. if this continues to happen multiple times, i will have a talk with the head GM about the ones ignoring tickets multiple times.
  3. Noxxi

    Warrior Heals

    Reading this post now in 2019, I've been hearing alot of warriors complain about the healing they do compared to other classes, is this still an issue or can you play around it?
  4. Noxxi

    Brawler announcer

    Hey, The brawler announcer is spamming "you have failed this challenge" when you do brawlers on a DK. As my druid or pala i didn't have her yelling 24/7 Reproduce: do brawlers on a dk 🙂