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  1. Noxxi

    Druid Bugged please nerf

    Hi there, You'll have to be a little bit more specific if you want us to understand. What exactly is the bug here? -Noxi
  2. Noxxi

    Nicky's GM Application

    Hey Lex, How do you feel about working in a team with people you barely know ? I personally know Andrej quite well actually and i'm pretty sure i know a good amount of geo's life aswell. Concerning the other staff members: I barely know you guys but aslong as everyone is mature when it comes to the server and it's playerbase then it's all good, i'd like to meet new people that like the same thing as i do. when it comes to the personal aspect of interacting to eachother.... i think i'll fit in quite well after seeing the 3rd question here. What is the thing which made you apply ? What motivated you to apply ? I have previous experience with the position, I am online alot when there isn't any other staff member online and i like the be able to help people when they need it. And honestly, Geo totally pushed me into it! Do you like Netflix ? As a platform, yes. Do i spend a lot of time on it? Only if Bates Motel comes back or any of the marvel series start again (they won't) I download most of the series that i watch since they're not on netflix. I'm not sure what will happen if i say no to the netflix question so.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Best Regards, Nicky