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  1. 1. Ingame character name Maxley, Maxlee, Maxiel and Maxtye 2. For how long you've played on havoc I have been a member since 2018-04-29 so a year soon. I did take a break for a few months because of work and I also remade my livingroom. 3. Your discord name Maxley 4. Why do you want to become a beta tester Because I am really excited for the new realm and I wanna be of some use. I might not be the best candidate because I dont really know how much I will work but I will be able to play atleast 1-3 hours almost everyday. If someone els is a better candidate dont take me.
  2. Lezwing

    ban ???

    Here is my two cents on the matter..... What a lot of people are doing is being AFK while still at the computer and then press W or doing something els, this is what I'm doing(I either do that or inspect peoples gear). I have three screens one with Discord, one with the game and last one with YouTube/Netflix. I am still at the computer. What you were doing is use some kind of program or something that makes your computer press "Spacebar" or any other key to make you not AFK, but I'm not a GM or anything and I dont know the whole story this is just what I think happend. Have a good vacation, Kulicka! See you when/if you come back. -Maxley
  3. Lezwing

    GM Application

    First of all your application is a mess, should have worked on it a bit more so it looked more serious. Second, your English isent very good, you need to be fluent in the language so you can explain easier to new players. Third, you are on a guest account with no posts and which you joined with today. You need to have at least a few posts to your forum accounts name. and last but not least, you are online all day? Maybe, but what are you doing with that time? Helping new players? Helping anyone? or are you just playing? - rep from me but thats just me I have no say in the matter. Just wanted my opinion out there.
  4. Lezwing

    Testing the new dungeon~

    Hey, thats me next to the two hotties. ;D
  5. Lezwing

    Lets see your Animals!

    Here is my little snek her name is Nagini, I named her after Lord Voldemorts snake. Shes pretty chill she likes to be in her cave. 😁😀
  6. Lezwing

    Make PVP Balanced

    My opinion on this matter is that donor items should not be used in PVP and this comes from someone who spent 700$+ on my customs Devs should make gear for pvp and I am talking about all gear rings, trinkets, weapons etc and only that should be used in PVP. Because right now there is no PVP, I havent PVP'd in days because whenever I enter everyone leaves. With this I think more people would PVP. Have a great day! -Maxley
  7. Lezwing

    Transmog Event!

    And the winner is......OCEAN! Congratulations! It was hard to choose between Ocean and Newey because both of them fit so good with their environment but there can only be one winner. So congratulations again Ocean the reward will be in your mailbox! EVENT OVER /lock
  8. Lezwing

    Transmog Event!

    Hello everyone! Welcome to Maximilians Transmog Event! I just tought I would make a little transmog event. The transmog event will be like this, you post your picture here where I will be the judge of who the winner is. (I am not a GM so this is a player made event) There is some guidelines to this event that will make you have a bigger chance of winning. Guidelines 1. Do not use full classes set because I have seen it before, be creative. 2. Use a background that fits your transmog. 3. Do not use visuals in your picture, not everyone can use it. 4. Include your character name in your post so I know who to send the reward to if you win. REWARD The rewards will be only for first place and it is 2000x Boss Heads 5000x Weapon Shards 5000x Armor Shards This event will stop this Friday (2018-06-15) and I will also announce the winner the same day on this thread and on Discord.
  9. Lezwing

    Hunter buff

    Yeah, I tried Hunter as well and they do really suck when it comes to the damage. I think this really is a good idea to buff them.
  10. Lezwing

    Guess the movie quote!

    Glitch to easy my man Predator (1987) Here comes mine. "The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
  11. Lezwing

    Paladin/DK Libram/Relic

    Sg Aiers if you have any suggestions and or problems and need to write here on the forums please explain a bit more with what you mean before you post. Btw, this is an awesome idea I play Death Knight myself so yeah we do need it. Thanks, Maximilian