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  1. neltharius 12

    Broken register

    i didnt changed ip i got same and i dont making fun with VPN cuz i got 4 acc on server and not changing ip i maked for fun and now 1 of them is banned cuz breed is here 2 months when my 2nd acc was maked 3 months ago and he banned cuz i got 1st banned and he thinks i changed ip thats why i maked this topic to do smt with this smt like verify or other stuff cuz other for example ur acc can banned even when u got this 1yr or less cuz u got banned on 1st
  2. neltharius 12

    Broken register

    same ip not changed and all can make acounts with random emails what not even exist maked in 2mins before setting this topic. idk guys u need to add smt like bot who is checking all emails or bot who sending mess on email and u need to verify. all in this topic