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  1. Esirya

    A Small Buff To Mage

    About aoe u are prolly right.. That could be buffed so u can farm aoe pve
  2. Esirya

    A Small Buff To Mage

    Hey alumi.. You should consider the balance between pve and pvp when it comes to casters.. I know the struggle in pve that u deal much less dmg than equal geared melees.. But you got the range bonus, it just doesn't come into play when soloing stuff. But remember u dealt actual dmg vs me in BG with your low gear.. That was more dmg than some donors can deal to me.. Buffing certain mage spell, and especially buffs in your suggested ratio would overtune mages in pvp.. A full geared mage without customs/donor can kill me within me charging up to him, when he spams arcane missiles.. I don't feel like buffing that would be a great idea 😅
  3. Esirya

    Icecrown Citadel (Valithria Dreamwalker bug) FIX

    Working as intended. And actually healers are the most common class on havoc, as Palas count as healers
  4. Esirya

    Tempest keep bug

    That's coz of the reason I stated before, when u don't let the adds aggro you properly, they move further of their first walkpath.. So kael can't reach them with aoe rezz aka gets stuck in script. I will be making a video for how to clear raids bugfree
  5. Esirya

    Mage Shields Buff

    Who hits for 12m??? oO But again his shield made him immune to 3 people attacking him.. And u can't compare a 12m mages shield vs ppl "hitting 12m"
  6. Esirya

    Mage Shields Buff

    Afaik mage shields scale with stats.. Check out Ji spamming mana shield.. Noone can kill/hit him..
  7. Esirya

    Bags bug.

    As that topic isn't a bug. Thread is /locked Btw try msg a GM about restoring your lost items, if you can proof what u lost they might be able to restore it.
  8. Esirya

    Hiya people

    Welcome Ryan! Nice to have you here!