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  1. ilia St

    Request a transmog

    Hello, Sir! Is it possible to see thoese weapons in game...
  2. ilia St


    It wasnt my intention to bother anyone, i am sry for bodering the staff. I just didnt believe i will have the streinght to fight for unbann, thought its over for me, i just wanted to say goodbye to the some of the staff members i valued as people. And i got a bit scared of glitch, eaven trying to bodering him again.
  3. ilia St


    I dont want popularity, i also forgott to apologise for eaven multiboxing in the first place, for not reading the rules. I understand that after i broke them i became untrusty.
  4. ilia St


    Account Name: Farmer Reason of Ban: Multiboxing in pvp Why would we unban u: I havent multiboxed the day (12.06) i got banned. The day before i did and i got warned its not tolerated in this server so i stopped permanently, the other day i was multiboxing but not in pvp, maybe thats why they asumed i did in pvp. Additional information: There are 8 ppl for sure 3 of them contacted Grump already, more will contact him, explaining they were with me pvping, prooving i havent multiboxed if u can check their played time yesterday 12.06 u will see its the same as mine. And also u can check their kills its alot also* btw. Who banned you: Glitch
  5. ilia St

    Battleground balancing

    Just make one bg for donor and one for non donors.