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  1. Drawma

    Unable to vote at all?

    That did the trick. Thanks, Syl!
  2. Drawma

    Broken Item Display

    Just tried that, still not showing.
  3. Drawma

    Broken Item Display

    The item display for Cloak of Seething Hatred (Item ID #83742) appears to be a little glitchy. Looks a little painful. Put a hole in my back when trying to use it for transmogs. Drawma
  4. Drawma

    A new world boss

    Hmm. Or alternatively, the boss could drop a skin/material you would need for a quest for a bag? But I do like your idea, too Drawma
  5. Drawma

    Rogue Bug

    Wait.. if you don't have internet..... how are you posting this? Your best bet really is to download them manually. Here's a link to Syl's original post with those links, too. Drawma
  6. Drawma

    Drawma's GM Application

    I've played on a lot of private servers, and most are over done with excessive custom content and patches, but lack quality and originality. Havoc is not one of those servers! You've taken the custom content and have presented it in a enjoyable, user-friendly way that draws peoples attention. I can tell that your guys' team have put a lot of thought and effort in to making this server in to what it is now, and I'd like to be a part of that team to continue help the server grow, in both content and player base. And of course to bring the community closer together, to make new players feel right at home as soon as they enter world. No matter how difficult a situation, it's nothing that can't be handled with the right attitude, and while remaining calm about it. Like I mentioned before, I work at a car wash that stays fairly busy (we average 850-1000 cars a day when it's sunny), so difficult situations arise on a day to day basis. Just recently, we had one of the main lines running hydraulic oil had burst (fun fact; hydraulic oil will eat away the paint on your car ). This can be a very intimidating situation, especially when you have a line of customers waiting for a wash that they're not getting anymore. In challenging situations, you have to step back and analyze the situation and determine what the next step is. And most importantly, never give up no matter how difficult it may seem. I think of myself as a very self-driven person, but also a team-player that's always ready to get work done, and always coming up with new and exciting ideas and additions. I love motivating others to strive for that same mindset! On a side note (I saw Syl mention this in another thread), I'm well versed in Photoshop and can also assist in graphics, banners (animated, too), etc, on top of the regular duties of a GM. Let me know if you have any more questions Chris / Drawma
  7. Drawma

    Unable to vote at all?

    No matter what I do, I can't seem to get any of my votes to go through. I've tried going through all the vote websites on IE, Firefox and Chrome, making sure cookies were enabled and after clearing my cookies. I go to the website, complete the captcha, wait a couple minutes, but my VP never changes and it still gives me the option to vote. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong Thanks in advance! Drawma
  8. Drawma

    A new world boss

    I second this idea. In addition to that, maybe a world boss that drops a bag with stats? If the boss is difficult even for donors, a unique bag with stats similar to the Dragonskin bags that the group would have to roll for would make it more interesting too. +1
  9. Drawma

    Despite my name...

    Despite my name, I try to live a stress-free, drama-free life! My name is Chris, I'm 22 and from Seattle. You can find me in-game under Cynical or Drawma, but if I'm not in-game, I'm also on Discord. I'm always down to group up and play with people and to help people out!
  10. Drawma

    Drawma's GM Application

    1) Age? 22. 2) What are your In-game character names [Names that players would most know you by]? Drawma and Cynical, but more often than not, Drawma. 3) How long have you currently been with us on HavocWoW and what are your contributions up to this point? I originally started playing about 5 months ago, but only recently started back up and started fresh with new characters, and I've been active since. At the moment my contributions are limited to just helping players out in world chat and running players through some of the raids and world bosses. I'm always on the lookout for ways to contribute, though. And being on the forums now opens up more opportunities for that, so I'll be on the lookout. 4) What is your timezone? PST. (UTC -8:00) 5) How many hours do you spend In-game on a day to day basis? Typically ranging anywhere between 3 and 4+ hours, depending on the day of the week. I work afternoons, and I get home around 9:30 PM PST, and I play usually until 1-2 AM. 6) Have or do you currently play Retail, if so; how long and which expansions? I currently do not play retail, but I started playing retail at the beginning of 2005 with intermittent hiatuses. But I played through end-game content in vanilla and every expansion up to the most recent (including Legion.) Most of my hours went in to WotLK, though. My current main character on retail has about 115 days of /played, and several weeks to months of /played on my alts. 7) Have you ever been banned In-Game or on the Forums? If so; specify the reason and duration. I have never been banned. 8) Have you ever made another application(s) on HavocWoW before? If so; please provide a link to the thread and details. This is my first time applying! 9) Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience and how fluent are you with Trinity Core commands? I do have previous GM experience, however not so much in recent years. However, I've used TrinityCore quite a bit in my own free time in just the past year, so I'm well-versed in most of the commands. 10) Why do you feel that you would be a good addition to the HavocWoW Staff Team and what do you bring to an already thriving Staff Team? I love being able to help out, whether it be with the players or the staff. Anything to give people a more enjoyable experience playing on the server. I have tons of WoW experience and private server experience (both playing and working on), and I'd like to use that experience and share my knowledge and ideas to help an already constantly growing server grow more, while bringing the community together. 12) Briefly describe yourself within 350 or less words. (Please include your first name, where you live, your personal interests and your age). My real name is Chris, I'm 22 (23 in July) and I currently live in Seattle, Washington. I'm an assistant manager at a local car wash, because, well... you have to pay the bills somehow. Technology is my real passion though. Computers, specifically. I spent most of my childhood building computers for family members and friends, playing games, doing graphic design/web development, and browsing the internet for memes. When I'm not playing games (WoW and Fortnite mostly nowadays), I'm spending my free time with my two year old daughter. Scenario Questions [Mandatory] 1. A Player makes a ticket asking you to give him items because he is unable to get them himself, such as original Legendary Weapons, how do you respond? Items (custom or not) have to be earned or purchased. If the item is available through the item requester (which in this scenario, most legendaries are NOT available through the item requester), then I would point the player in the right direction. If it's not available through the item requester, then I would let the player know how/where he can obtain it. 2. You have muted a player for being disrespectful towards the Staff, he then makes a Ticket cussing, insulting and persistently insults you and/or other staff members, what do you do? I would give the player a 24-48 hour ban, depending on how severe and persistent the harassment is. (If the harassment continued after the ban is lifted, I would re-ban for a longer amount of time. (7 days, 14 days, 1 month, etc.)) 3. You find a player hacking on our Server, what do you do to minimize the situation, if you're unable to ban him? First and foremost, always have screen capture ready (videos speak louder than words). I would teleport the player to a remote location (I used to use the prison under GM Island), and freeze the player from moving. I would give a warning to the player and let them know that continuing to use the hack will lead to a ban. I would keep an eye on the player, and if the hacking continued, I would have it reported to someone who would be able to ban them, along with my proof. 4. Your friends are asking you to host an Event so they're able to get a new mount or another available reward they currently do not have, how do you proceed? Well, before hosting an event, I'd make sure that there aren't any open tickets But I would let the player/friend know that event prizes and details are decided by me or whichever GM hosts the event. And just because they're my "friend", doesn't mean that they are guaranteed to win. Events have to be won fair and square. If it's not fair to everyone involved, how is that fun? 5. You first come online and you notice that there are 2 other Staff Members online yet there is still a high number of tickets active but have remained un-answered, what would you do to help avoid the same situation in the future? I would check with the other GM's and see if there was a reason the tickets weren't being answered, and ask for their help in getting some of them resolved (if they aren't already working on it.) If it turned out that the GM's were intentionally not answering tickets, I would send a private message to an admin/superior and let them know. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or would like me to elaborate on anything, feel free to ask! Chris / Drawma