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  1. stanley

    Shards and Boss heads

    Hey all, more ppl writing about these things that are needed to enter the Bwarlers Zone, have you erased all the drop, could you just return to the VIP instance or somewhere else? thanks for the reply
  2. stanley

    Event Mount

    corrected without reaction? ..... then you wonder that people hide bugs 😄
  3. stanley

    Event Mount

    pointless to collect Event Token ... mount is almost free. I know it's not a big bug, but is it possible to get a DP? 😄
  4. stanley

    VIP zone tabard

    please add paladin to spell tabard ... some would play holy thx
  5. stanley

    Brawlers >Freed Deamonne

    fixed, thank you for all
  6. stanley

    Light's Breach bug report

    bosses in the VIP zone don't give a reputation
  7. stanley

    haste cap with spell chares

    I have problem with haste cap on spell char, doesn't work as well as with 255, can you do something about it? I attach a video
  8. stanley

    Brawlers >Freed Deamonne

    I attach another boss continue, has no meaning
  9. stanley

    Brawlers >Freed Deamonne

    Chain Fireball dmg , screen speaks for itself
  10. stanley


    @Natureswiftness I downloaded it here and heavent problem 😄 ....
  11. stanley

    ban ???

    another thing >>> sit and watch the web, watch a movie, and so on.Sometimes I look at the server, even after 1-2 minutes and press any spell is not anti-afk. and you do not know anything. And why log in back when you know you're kicking in 10 minutes?Just a jerk asking this (without insulting) but the answer is clear why they log it for somewhere where they do not want you
  12. stanley

    ban ???

    there are 30 people on the server, of which 20 are full,when the 20 people stop playing because they can not sit in the Mall and afk, you better fry the server