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  1. stanley


    @Natureswiftness I downloaded it here and heavent problem 😄 ....
  2. stanley

    ban ???

    another thing >>> sit and watch the web, watch a movie, and so on.Sometimes I look at the server, even after 1-2 minutes and press any spell is not anti-afk. and you do not know anything. And why log in back when you know you're kicking in 10 minutes?Just a jerk asking this (without insulting) but the answer is clear why they log it for somewhere where they do not want you
  3. stanley

    ban ???

    there are 30 people on the server, of which 20 are full,when the 20 people stop playing because they can not sit in the Mall and afk, you better fry the server
  4. stanley

    ban ???

    @Lezwing I think that after this experience, I will finish . I'll still think about it @Dementislegit afk ???lol here is legit afk ?? 😄 ... wft 😄 legit /afk + autcast ????? ok read this screen .... Raphs contribution
  5. stanley

    ban ???

    ok ... you can kick and I have to sign in immediately? This eternal kicking is no longer fun to me a lot of players just sit, do nothing and do not notice them.
  6. stanley

    ban ???

    if you do not want afk people who are inactive due to VP,delete this benefit and do not forbid honest players THX
  7. stanley

    ban ???

    1. Who banned you ?>>>I dont know 2. What were you doing ?>>>status > ati AFK 😄 .... 3. Do you believe you should be unbanned ? If yes, why ?>>> 10 minutes afk away and I have a ban? 4. Your character name:>>> Kulickas 5. Account name: >>>Stanley I do not understand how you can behave like one of the few active people . Congratulations
  8. stanley

    The Last Kingdom

    Or Kulicka
  9. stanley

    Stormgrade Event > development

    extension to +20 ,example :-) :-) :-) :-) so that new players can farm, no one wants to help 😄 or rather little who helps people😄
  10. What is your name ? >>> Stanislav Všetička >> ingame Kulicka/Pidihajzlik How old are you ? >>> 29.4. will be 26 Have you ever had previous experience with forum moderation ? >>> I do not, but I like to learn new things. Why are you applying ? What motivates you to go for this position ? >>> I've been playing for almost a year now and I'd like to be useful. If you do have experience, would you be willing to supervise trainee forum moderators ? >>>When it's time I'm trying to do anything, so why not this. 😄 ▶️▶️I try to be here every day.◀️◀️ ▶️▶️I'm not perfect, I'm just human, the decision is yours.Everyone had to start from the beginning◀️◀️ ▶️▶️Thank you for answer◀️◀️ ▶️▶️Sincerely yours >>> Kulicka/Pidihajzlik◀️◀️