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  1. Hausa

    Shadowmourne quest

    Frost infusion part of shadowmourne quest is bugged. Sindragosa won't infuse shadow's edge with frost breath and while trying sindragosa does insane damage which we cannot survive.
  2. Hausa

    Request a transmog

    ++ &
  3. Hausa

    Request a transmog

  4. Hausa

    Request a transmog this one too
  5. Hausa

    Request a transmog

    Please add the whole set of this item ... Sets: This item is part of the following transmog set: Regalia of Bound Elements Regalia of Bound Elements (Heroic Recolor) Regalia of Bound Elements (Mythic Recolor) Regalia of Bound Elements (Raid Finder Recolor) Regalia of Bound Elements (Normal Lookalike) Regalia of Bound Elements (Heroic Lookalike) Regalia of Bound Elements (Mythic Lookalike) Regalia of Bound Elements (Raid Finder Lookalike)
  6. Suggest adding a in-game NPC which sells items that are in shop like the Stats adding items, Tokens, VIP gear, but with actual dp not with Coins that are bought from the website, have seen that system in several servers it's realy useful and it spares alot of time for the players.
  7. Hausa

    Request a transmog

    1st but with black flames. 2nd with the actual shadow effects (dunno if it's possible).
  8. 11 lets rock, you don't stop >> 12
  9. Hausa

    Upcoming Events! (14.01.2018)

    King of the ring !!!
  10. Hausa

    Upcoming Events!

    All stars
  11. Hausa

    Guild wars

    Yes I am 100% sure that there was only me at the time and I tested it few times by getting into the zone and then fly out and go again ... and the message appears right when I get into the zone bounds even my guards become enemies and I am able to attack em. I can send some feedback screenshots if needed.
  12. Hausa

    Guild wars

    @Alex Greetings and thanks for the respond. In regards to your regards to the 3rd point haha, It's not the problem that I get the message, the problem is that I get it when I enter and I'm the guild master ... I think that message is ment for when an enemy guild player enters your zone or non guild player.
  13. Hausa

    Guild wars

    1. Guild guards are weak af... so they realy need a buff, because starting gear players can kill them with ease. 2. I'm a guild master and my guardians are hostile to me and I can kill em. 3. When I enter my guild zone I get the message that it's under attack -_-.
  14. Hausa

    Guild warz feature!! -- tutorial

    @Andor Everyone can see them that's the point in the WAR thing :D. The specific guild's guild zone can be attacked by other guilds. Neutral players without guild are count as offensive to the guild zone too.
  15. Hausa

    Connection problems

    me too