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  1. Caisy

    i understand my fault

    Please fill out our ban appeal form. 1. Account name : 2. Reason of Ban : 3. Why would we unban you? 4. Explanation why you were banned : 5. Additional information : 6. Who banned you ?
  2. Caisy

    can i have unbanned?

    Ban appeal has been denied. Apply again in a few months for us to discuss it again
  3. Caisy

    i got banned without reason .

    I can inform you that none of the staff members would at any time give you donation chips without reason. Let alone well over 15k donation chips that was discovered on your account. We found the exploit you were using and you kept denying it making excuse that you voted for over 5k DP which would be 109 years of voting. Now you're telling a staff memeber gave you all those donation chips. Your ban appeal has been denied.
  4. Caisy

    Detailed Guide to Death Knight

    How to play Paladin and Deathknight and do more dps than any other classes on havoc
  5. Manual guide how to fix your weapon spells. 1) Make sure you don't have any other patches from a different server. 2) Download z-patch from the website or discord. 3) Make sure you place it in your wow folder under Data. 4) Start wow with Havoc's custom wow.exe. You can find all patches here. Also if you are using the launcher there is a guide there to be looked at. Hopefully if u got all patches aswell your folder will looks like this.