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  1. Caisy

    Event Mount

    Thanks for point it out. Its not really a bug since to begin with it was suppost to be farmed for mount tokens as you see. Later on changed exclusively to event only. Something that were overlooked when changing stuff around 😄
  2. Caisy

    Weapon Changes

    Thanks for your suggestion. We appriciate your thoughts on our new weapons. We will be discussing it amongst the staff member 😄
  3. Caisy

    Light's Breach bug report

    - Adjust resist on Shirt Event mobs. @boptart the totem work. It is just visualy it doesnt show it, i thought that too until i tested it
  4. Caisy

    Light's Breach bug report

    - Dots / Hots / Channel spells does not scale on haste
  5. Caisy

    Light's Breach bug report

    As we launched our new server we expect to have bugs we may not have seen since we changed so many things. If you find a bug that has not been writen down on this post yet feel free to do it. And please detail it as much as possible to make it easier for our devs.
  6. Caisy

    bug in wsg

    Thats something blizzard did on their part. Fixing that would need an actual game developer. Not just some people who likes to do it as their hobby. So attack when out if sight will most likely not be fixed.
  7. Caisy

    Ban appeal

    Greetings Nehemah Your explanation in your previous post, saying all the buff you used to gain that speed. I tried it myself to see if it was a mistake and i still did not get close to the speed you had on your hunter. You were running faster than a ground mount i can tell you. Also the 10% from the pet doesnt stack with others too. Which you'd be running with a 168% at max. Ground mount are 200%. You didn't have the guru speed buff either to gain the movement speed as a mount. I am therefore denying your ban appeal.
  8. Caisy

    NPC names at the mall

    Models can also be changes. Not a bad suggestion. Right now we are too busy with bigger things, *Hint* our 80 realm. But something like that could be see when we got more time 😄
  9. Caisy

    How are you enjoying Havoc?

    A funserver usualy indicate something that is out of the ordinary blizzlike. A server that has custom content and items, even level. Funserver doesn't have to 255, but that is usualy what people associate it with. Vote points you gain from voting on havoc and when we reach a community goals. Donation points you get by donation to the server. That will help the servers upkeep. In havoc case you can ALSO get ingame donation tokens to buy vip gear from just by playing. PvP you most likely only experience at our Custom Shirt Event Zone if its outside a BG. Some rare occasion you'll stumble upon a player in Guru Arena or another open world place. All classes can solo content by themself. However some of them have an easier time than others. That is because of mage lack of selfheal.
  10. Caisy

    Can i get unban ?

    Due to your ban is indefinite. We will not consider your ban appeal before 1st of June. Feel free to make another ban appeal there. Best regard staff.
  11. Reason behind it is that STR and AGI already give attack power. All melee (and hunter) already getting 240k attack from it alone. (druid even get 360k) Due to str scales x2 on str users which will be 240k from it, and rogue + hunter gets 120k ap from agi and 120k from str.
  12. Special Transmog Competition The staff team would like to hold a minor competition. There is a few simple rules for our transmog competition. You're going to team up with another player and create a theme from your transmog. You can only submit 1 picture of your teams transmog. When you submit your transmog, you need to give us a small story behind your theme. The theme can be of anything YOU like to submit. Movies, Games or your own creation. Mounts and visuals can be used (OPTIONAL) Winners of the competition will recieve 15 DP onto their account. A 2nd and 3rd place may be choosen too depends on how many enters. If you dont fulfill the criteria you will be disqualified. Transmog Competition will end 10th of may. You're more than welcome to give a like on others players transmog, it will not effect who the staff team will choose. Best regard Havoc Staff
  13. Closed beta testing. i80 realm As we are getting closer for the 80 realm to get done, we are happy to announced a closed beta for our new realm. We want a few people to help us out testing it and give us constructive feedback. The content should be met with an open mind as stuff is going under changes, since it's beta we still expect to have bugs and unbalanced items/mobs. But we want you to help us playtest and tell us about the experience. The 80 realm will later on replace our current 255, however none of your characters will be lost as they are being transfered onto the new realm. You will see major changes to gameplay in pve and pvp. Our goal with the 80 realm is to make it easier for us to create balanced content and provide a more fun pvp. We know you probaly got a lot of question regarding our 80 realm, but those are to be answered when we get close to live. General information Each test player will be provided with a beta tester account which will be open from 12th to 26th of april . We therefore expect you to gear up through our new content as a fresh player to give the best experience. Later on during the beta testing we will unlock late game content to test, since you will not have time to reach end game yourself. Beta account will not have vip status to begin with but later on will be unlocked aswell. You are more than welcome to suggest ideas during the beta as a test player. Your own account will not have access to our 80 during the beta as it will give you an advantage over other players. What we expect of you. 1. Being active during the time period of the closed beta 2. Give us fair and honest feedback on content and reporting bugs. 3. Not leaking information till the server is live Signup formular 1. Ingame character name 2. For how long you've played on havoc 3. Your discord name 4. Why do you want to become a beta tester (not everybody will be picked depends on how many signup) We are aware of Classes not being balanced PvP has not been blanced Best regard Havoc Staff team
  14. Caisy

    Shirt event changes.

    That is why we gave multiple choices to try fit all players regardless if the choice may seem senseless and most likely won't get upvoted 😄