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  1. Caisy

    Horde Catapult in Wintergrasp

    This error is on yourside. most likely due to you missing a small bit of a patch from blizzard. (I've had similar problem with Ruby Sanctum that i would get error by entering it but it was because i was missing a little bit of a blizzard patch)
  2. Caisy

    Hey guys i have Birthday today :)

    Happy birthday from the staff team 🎂
  3. Caisy

    Gambler NPC is bugged

    Not bugged. Its currently just really low chance if i remember correctly.
  4. Caisy

    Unreasonable Bann

    I will bring up a disccusion between the staff memeber on a better way to derment anti-afking. Hopefully it will benefit your case.
  5. Caisy


    If the same thing happen to The Risen Heroes as im in, i wouldn't care at all since it wasnt our guildbank that defined our guild.☺️
  6. Caisy


    @Tide it seems more like the gear mattered than the people Who were in the guild by how much people complain. It shouldnt be the gear that makes the guild but the people in it 😊 It not like the gear cannot be farmed again and the guild could just be recreated with those who were in it Thats just my personal opinion.
  7. Hunter: Spell: Serpent Sting - Shouldnt be scaling on haste Spell: Explosive Shot DOT - Shouldnt be scaling as fast Spell: Black Arrow - Shouldnt be scaling on haste Talent: Piercing Shot - Shouldnt be scaling on haste
  8. Because some are suppost to scale where others arent @colomolo
  9. Warlock: Spell: Conflagrate - shouldn't scale on haste Spell: Rain of Fire - ticking too fast for the haste. Spell: Corruption - Shouldnt be scaling on haste without using a glyph Spell: Fel Armor - Shouldn't scale on haste Spell: Shadowfury - The DOT shouldn't scale on haste Priest: Spell: Divine Hyvm - Shouldn't scale on haste Spell: Penance - Channel too fast Druid: Spell: Starfall - Shouldn't be scaling on haste Mage: Spell: Blizzard - ticking too fast for the haste. Spell: Flamestrike - Dots ticking too fast Spell: Frostfire bolt - Dot ticking too fast Spell: Pyroblast - Dot ticking too fast
  10. Caisy

    Account no longer in use

    It is being looked into