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  1. Caisy

    Can i get unban ?

    Due to your ban is indefinite. We will not consider your ban appeal before 1st of June. Feel free to make another ban appeal there. Best regard staff.
  2. Reason behind it is that STR and AGI already give attack power. All melee (and hunter) already getting 240k attack from it alone. (druid even get 360k) Due to str scales x2 on str users which will be 240k from it, and rogue + hunter gets 120k ap from agi and 120k from str.
  3. Special Transmog Competition The staff team would like to hold a minor competition. There is a few simple rules for our transmog competition. You're going to team up with another player and create a theme from your transmog. You can only submit 1 picture of your teams transmog. When you submit your transmog, you need to give us a small story behind your theme. The theme can be of anything YOU like to submit. Movies, Games or your own creation. Mounts and visuals can be used (OPTIONAL) Winners of the competition will recieve 15 DP onto their account. A 2nd and 3rd place may be choosen too depends on how many enters. If you dont fulfill the criteria you will be disqualified. Transmog Competition will end 10th of may. You're more than welcome to give a like on others players transmog, it will not effect who the staff team will choose. Best regard Havoc Staff
  4. Closed beta testing. i80 realm As we are getting closer for the 80 realm to get done, we are happy to announced a closed beta for our new realm. We want a few people to help us out testing it and give us constructive feedback. The content should be met with an open mind as stuff is going under changes, since it's beta we still expect to have bugs and unbalanced items/mobs. But we want you to help us playtest and tell us about the experience. The 80 realm will later on replace our current 255, however none of your characters will be lost as they are being transfered onto the new realm. You will see major changes to gameplay in pve and pvp. Our goal with the 80 realm is to make it easier for us to create balanced content and provide a more fun pvp. We know you probaly got a lot of question regarding our 80 realm, but those are to be answered when we get close to live. General information Each test player will be provided with a beta tester account which will be open from 12th to 26th of april . We therefore expect you to gear up through our new content as a fresh player to give the best experience. Later on during the beta testing we will unlock late game content to test, since you will not have time to reach end game yourself. Beta account will not have vip status to begin with but later on will be unlocked aswell. You are more than welcome to suggest ideas during the beta as a test player. Your own account will not have access to our 80 during the beta as it will give you an advantage over other players. What we expect of you. 1. Being active during the time period of the closed beta 2. Give us fair and honest feedback on content and reporting bugs. 3. Not leaking information till the server is live Signup formular 1. Ingame character name 2. For how long you've played on havoc 3. Your discord name 4. Why do you want to become a beta tester (not everybody will be picked depends on how many signup) We are aware of Classes not being balanced PvP has not been blanced Best regard Havoc Staff team
  5. Caisy

    Shirt event changes.

    That is why we gave multiple choices to try fit all players regardless if the choice may seem senseless and most likely won't get upvoted 😄
  6. Caisy

    Shirt event changes.

    the reason behind the 40% was those people who already put in effort to farm it in the current state most likely would feel very unhappy, so we therefore not gonna "reward" only new players by reducing it a lot. If BOA was removed completely it we would not want it to have the highest material reduction 50% was to give people the feeling of achievement/reward for a hardwork and let their item stay BOA but also give new players the feeling of not having to farm multiple weeks for it. We didn't want to go with "nerfing" the mobs option because we still see the shirt event as something a end game player still have to achieve. Yes some classes like rogue example may be unable to do it with full vip instance gear. But we can't make all classes equal because of their spells sets, meaning some has better sustain than others. But reducing the material needed by 40-50% does mean a lot. Personally i can't remember 100% how many token is needed right now, beside its between 10-12k tokens.
  7. Caisy

    Shirt event changes.

    We have heard the community and decided to change up the shirt event as its been out for a long time now. We understand that it isn't fun for a new players standpoint to farm this as it take long time. The staff team decided to give the community a voice to be heard regarding the changes. This change will not go live till our new realm is here as it will replace our current. Therefore we give people a chance to put in some hard work if they want to grap a hold of a BOA shirt (If that is what people votes for)
  8. Caisy

    Why I quit Havoc-wow

    Reason behind some of the content. We didn't want everything to be done within a week or two from a new players standpoint. Because getting everything too fast will just lead to them being bored and saying there is nothing to do. Yes we are aware that you can just "p2w" however that is up to the player themself to decide how "easy" the content will be depends on payment. 1.Shirt even was meant to be content for donors or large group players. (not meaning you had to pay 100s of dollar to do it, simply haste capped) When it was released it was quite hot at the time and everybody farmed it, but now nobody does because most already have it. Getting 150k in every stats is quite rewarding i most say so myself (The shirt itself is around 80$ worth of stats for free through grinding) 2.Vip instance was balanced around group content even for donors (some classes has an easier time than others ofcourse). Due to the gear is tradeable the drop chance is low aswell which some complain about. However it doesnt stop the players to use the "easiest" class to run the dungeon with some others players. 3.Vip zone is aimed for high donors for them to feel rewarded for paying a large amount to the server. Some may disagree and say its a sad way to implemente content only doable for people that have spend 1k dollar or more and is just money grapping, but i don't see it that way. Is like why buy a Ferrarai instead of a Suzuki Swift when you cannot drive more than 50km/h in the city? Obiviously to show off and why not. However im not saying Havoc is flawless. Every server has it flaws and that is to be expected. But i can tell that some issues regarding our content will be better with our new realm that is coming our way. The current 255 will be replaced with our new, that is why its not being worked on. Therefore we can push out the new realm faster when the devs doesnt have to focus on two as the same time. Answers to your PS 1.Regarding your experience of gms. You need to understand that not everybody can be online 24/7. Currently Dementis has a lot of time due to his Uni and others like me have a fulltime job and not as much. Plus majority of the time we stay invisible to the players anyways. 2. Reason behind the hole pvp/pve exchange into DP was because some players found a way to exploit the system andnot telling the staff team about it, it wasn't just 50DP it was over 500DP we talking about. We therefore had to take action to prevent future cases like this, sadly players who played by the book got caught in the crossfire by not being able to refund stuff anymore then. 3.Not quite true. As you said "The games are good not because of the developers, but because of the community, which plays those games. Think about this for a while." if no one wants to group up for the content its the community fault, not just point fingers at the developers who had other intention for our content. I 100% understand people who already have endgame gear and doesnt wanna run content they don't gain anything from because they already have it. I even hear from some players "they are high donors, they now have a big ego and doesnt wanna help players anymore". Yes and no, i personally don't care about running something like T13 or vip instances anymore, tho when shirt event came out we used to run them with like 20+ people in a group because it also was rewarding for me. The community did it together and it was great. But when the community doesnt do it together people want to point fingers at someone and blame them?. 4. I can tell you melee druids has not always been the case. Trust me, before this current haste script druids was the worst class because when getting haste capped their damage got reduced by 90%. yes 90%. Casters didnt have instant caster either with the old one. Old the haste script had a lot of issues and we therefore needed a new one. But regarding balance of classes. That is on our to do list on the new realm and we are aware of classes not being balanced right now. Some of the tiers that are raid is buggy and we therefore not gonna use them for our new realm i can tell you.
  9. Caisy

    Horde Catapult in Wintergrasp

    This error is on yourside. most likely due to you missing a small bit of a patch from blizzard. (I've had similar problem with Ruby Sanctum that i would get error by entering it but it was because i was missing a little bit of a blizzard patch)
  10. Caisy

    Hey guys i have Birthday today :)

    Happy birthday from the staff team ğŸŽ‚