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  1. GentLepp

    Why I quit Havoc-wow

    Regarding the post I made above^^^^^^^^^^ about the shitposting, I apologize for that I had misread what you typed and didn't realize you were talking on behalf of another player :). I will still leave it there to show even I F^%K up sometimes lol. I still want players to contact me or higher up staff if ANYONE has an issues with a staff member, ( Myself included). Thanks!
  2. GentLepp

    Why I quit Havoc-wow

    Hi there like me start off here but thanking you for the VERY in depth feedback that you have provided us this is HUGE for us. When we post about people providing feedback normally we get none at all or like 1 sentence of 5 words. The fact you took the time to type all this I appreciate it a ton. Now to get down to some key points that you have put here, As I had made a lot of the things you had feedback regarding to. hopefully I can explain the thought processing of what we were doing / planning to do! I have posted your Feedback in Purple I'll will post my replies in Orange to make reading it easier Intro The journey began when I found this server on the google, I did not play wow for a while and decided to have some fun. The beginning When I first logged in, I was shocked at the number of things which worked. I played on numerous private/fun servers, but this server shows you right away the amount of work the devs put in it. All the mobs in the raids I did were right where they should've been, they did exactly what they should've done, they spoke the things they say on the official servers, it seemed that this server is absolutely polished. I did not encounter a single raid bug until ICC, which was a total nightmare. It felt like devs just forgot to put it in place, but it was there and I had to overcome the struggle. Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable experience, although hard af at places. I appreciate you explaining how it feels from a new player from nothing standpoint here it's great feedback, Regarding the ICC / Raids in general we are currently going through a whole server revamp and we are Leaning away from most of the issue raids for example ICC as we ran into issues regarding scripting we didn't intend to happen when we first released the content for them. But you are 100% correct in those statements. Regarding them being bugged, I wont dodge anything you are correct. Raiding through the content During the time I was gearing up my first character, I played literally all the time I had available. I wanted to gear up as fast as I can so that I could join the more advanced stuff, like VIP instances or a shirt event farm. After a while, I got used to all the things the server had and the gameplay became so smooth like I was playing on the official server. I barely ever encountered any bugs or obvious unbalances, I thought of a way to farm the mats for the gear a bit faster, it pushed me to go even further, I enjoyed every second I spent playing on the server. I am also glad to hear this as well. That has always been the goal is to have SOMETHING for you to work towards and not get burnt out. ( I will go into more detail on somethings about this in later post. ) Endgame content When I managed to get all my gear to level 30 I felt like I was some kind of a god. I was extremely pleased, that I never asked anybody for mats, only a few times to help me kill 2 bosses in the ICC simply because I could not physically kill them alone because of bugs. The fact that I wasn't allowed to use any dots on the boss made it pretty impossible for me to solo him at the time. The Dreamweaver boss (whatever the correct name is) bugged out for me and never left combat (probably because I had a 30 minutes fight), so I had to ask for help. Apart from that, I was extremely pleased with the endgame content. It took a lot of farming, but it felt like it was totally worth it. I managed to get all the bags v3, all the gear level 30 and I started to look for a path to go further. Regarding this the Dreamweaver fight is a fight that you don't "DPS" the boss you must heal her to complete the fight, as that is why she gets attacked by adds ect. and she is friendly to you, So most likely you got stuck in combat for that reason as you couldn't "Finish" the fight because of that requirement End of the path By a coincidence, yesterday devs opened a TD event. It is absolutely dope. The rewards are gorgeous, it doesn't feel like I need to farm it for 3 centuries to get something, it boosts the server online and voting because of the entire vip1-4 mechanics. Huge like for you guys for it, it was incredible. I am glad that you enjoyed it! They are made to be a boost to moral, However let me stress we DONT want to make events a mean to progress the server. ( I will address this in later post as well ) However, that is everything which was good after getting the gear to level 30. I went farming event shirt and it was pretty upsetting to realize that I cannot solo a single mob there. Kind people showed me a great statue, with the help of which, I was able to kill some mobs there, but even the statue did not make the experience anywhere close to rewarding. After spending about 4 hours and grinding like 20 of the event items, I realized that I no longer want to do it manually. I found a program somewhere on the web, which allowed me to code my rotation, so I did it. The rotation was perfect, it was doing even more dps than I did manually just because it was able to click all the things instantly. However, after today I realized that I do not want to spend any more time here. Something struck me and I suddenly realized that I spent last 10 hours farming 150 event items. It wasn't hard, it was absolutely unrewarding. If the shirt was better (like 5 times better?) or if the quest did not require so many mats or if, at least, I was able to fight those mobs alone in less than 5 minutes per mob, I would've probably stayed on the server, but none of that was the case. You are not wrong at all in this entire post, ( I'll over look the coding spell part as this isn't really a good idea on our server , but I won't mind for this post purpose as I'm not "shitposting ect" because you weren't either. Now regarding how you progressed in the server to the point where you had to do the event shirt mobs. I had made this event myself, let me start by explaining the Idea and how we thought it would go for it / how it actually went. So basically what I / the team wanted to have the shirt event for was for very high end VIP geared players to have something to do on the server, basically similar to the issues you had as you ran out of things to do imagine a High geared donor with 100m+ hp that can 1 shot all the current content at the time. They obviously were insanely bored with the endgame content. So the idea of the shirt event was to provide kind of a buffer period for those type of players to have something to do while we were working on other content for them / the other players to do. Now that WAS the idea going into it, how ever like anything we ran into some problems ( not going into a ton of details about this do to respecting peoples wishes) but basically we had things like staff abusing things , some of the staff being inactive because of IRL issues they had or similar reasons not going into full details regarding this as it's not what this post is about. Now back onto the Event zone what ended up happening because of this is players leaned on this as a way to progress the server instead of a "Buffer/Filler" content idea. I never intended it to be used for this reason that's why the mobs were so hard ect. However I could see how you the player's wouldn't know that and take it as a means to progress. The problem I ran into this was I was only going to leave this ingame for about 1-2 months. Until we ran into staffing issues and I had to make a choice A: Take it out or B: Leave it in , At this point obviously I picked choice B because if I removed it you the players would have NOTHING to do for endgame. So I made the choice to leave it in because my thought was even if it was hard for some players its better to be hard then to have absolutely nothing. Another issue was we were running into a "Cap" on the monster Health bar / Database stat numbers. Which brings us to the current project we are working on aka the server revamp where we are working on Less bugged things like ICC ect to have players progress so they don't run into the problems you ran into. It also fixes the issues regarding hitting HP / caps on the mobs that we had, As it comes with a stat squish and new way to gear up. So hopefully when we do release these features you can come back hopefully and check them out. We would love feedback like this post here to implement things early on instead of later on. I went to try out the VIP instance, and about the same story, however, I wasn't able not only to kill anyone but to even damage anyone because of their absolutely insane heal. This was also to be used only for High end donors to farm, but refer to the post I just made above about this^^^^^^^^ it falls under the same category Conclusion I am very glad that I had such an experience playing on havoc-wow, but devs should not ignore their realms, otherwise, they die out. It is amazing that devs gave the ability to get the content, which is p2w by playing the game, but the server is too focused on p2w players, and not the usual guys like me. I really enjoyed my experience here, but htis experience was enough for the time I played, I am physically unable to grind new things because of either I am too weak or it takes an incredible amount of effort without any real rewards. I am truly sorry to hear this, like I stated above I hope that you can atleast give the server a try once we release the new revamped realm and hopefully you will have the same Experience ( the good ones) when you first started out. PS I have a few things which I want devs to read. 1) There are no gms on the server, but Dementis. He is literally the only gm, whoever responded to any questions I had and I actually had some fun time with him. He was literally the only thing which kept me from leaving for about half the time I played on the server. You really need to filter gms, which work for you. It is no good for nor you, nor the server to have people, who you pay, doing absolutely nothing. Just to say a few things regarding this ( NOTE I am not in charge of GMs/ Hiring ect so I can't say much on this issue) you say that we get paid and this is incorrect we don't get any $ from doing this work. The most we do it get some donation points at the end of the month depending on our work being done. ALOT of work gets done behind the scenes that you players don't see / know about on the server. I do think it would be a great idea for us to implement a place to post BIG things we talk about in our staff only chat that we can share with you the players, I feel like you guys should know a lot of what goes on behind the scenes. 2) You need to think about the overall server status. I gathered enough intelligence to understand what was your biggest problem. The fact that you fixed the pvp->vip exchange - killed the server. I totally understand that it was quite a critical bug, which had to be fixed, but people loved it and you had to take into consideration that fact. However, you totally ignored them and did what was the most profitable for you. The games are good not because of the developers, but because of the community, which plays those games. Think about this for a while. While I see where you come from regarding this we have to regard ALOT of different types of players who play this game not just one type of player, Regarding doing what is most profitable to us, We are in fact a business in a way we are running SOLELY on donations, and like I said even us the staff do not get paid for anything. So we do have to intervene in this cases as if we didn't we would have to shut the server down due to not having the funds to run it, It is not cheap at all to run a server like this and being as we are funded only on donating if we don't get any we can't have the server. But I do understand where your coming from but you most also think of it in our point of view as a business. 3) Try to think about your general players a bit more. When a person has completed his level 30 grind, he literally has nothing to do. It is great that you made the content as a group one, but it is not rewarding enough for the entire group, it is hard for people without any donor/VIP items and it is impossible to progress because of the point above. I would probably never notice such a large gap between level 30 and VIP instance, but for the last 2-3 weeks I plaid, there was never a single group formed to the VIP instance. The same point applies to the event shirt: the ration effort/reward is somewhere near a negative infinity because after spending 5 hours you get +20k to your stats. I agree with this statement but it's not a matter of not thinking of you guys as that is ALWAYS the top of all of our releases, but I covered most of this issue in my other post and that leads into why we are revamping the server with the new update. 4) A fun server has to be focused not only around melee druids. Throughout my entire experience of playing on this server as a mage I felt like I could do nothing, but ask for help from a druid. It seems that they are much superior in everything if compared to other classes in PVE content. Let's take as an example ICC: a mage will get few shotted from a boss; a priest has absolutely no chance of completing the raid because of the dot boss bug, neither warlocks, nor warriors can complete it. I think by this point you understood what I meant by the original statement. Think a bit more about casters. The revamped server will fix this issue also and bring A LOT more balancing which is why we decided to do this. PPS: Originally it was a thread about missing some items in the game because of the bag upgrade, but it is not applicable anymore and I did not receive any responses what so ever, so I decided to edit it. The bag quest clearly states to not do what you did, so this issue is Technically on you not us. But I understand none the less. PPPS: To be EXTRA clear. I am not insulting anyone. I do not have a right to tell you guys how to do your job, but I do have a right to express my opinion and all the above is nothing but my opinion and suggestions, which you can consider or can simply ignore. All I was trying to do is be a useful player to you. thank you for all your job You say this but then 2 hours ago you did the exact thing you said you wouldn't do which sadly makes me unhappy as you spent all this time for the feedback then you go and end up shit posting anyway :/. Please be mindful that we as staff are in fact real people and everyone takes things differently so always be mindful and respectful when you are addressing us, As we will to you as players ( if for someone we aren't let me know or someone from higher up staff know and we will take care of this, ( I will personally make sure this gets done as I can't STAND that type of thing. ) But to end it off here I do thank you for taking the time filling this out, as I have also tried my best to inform you on a lot of the issues you had. Thanks!
  3. GentLepp

    ban apeal D

    ok lets say for example it was reported 4 months ago where is this proof ( I'd love you to post it)? , Secondly even if it was reported 4 months ago that means its ok to do it? No it does not all is does is makes it look even worse for you because you knew it was a bug and decided to ignore it.
  4. GentLepp

    JI's GM/CC/Dev App

    So i started out bad with you, we worked it out, Your a chill guy after working with you a bit I feel you would be a value to the team. Your pretty decent in knowledgeable I'd like to add you to the content Creator team. So you have a +1 from me Though I know and have seen you get "heated" easily if you do join the team you will need to cool down for things and not get worked up. ( I think you can do this ) Because you will have a position to uphold and we don't want it to negatively effect us or the Community. We also can't play favorites or side with people ( not saying you do, but just informing you). We have to stay neutral on both sides ( again I think you can also do this without an issue ) . But all and all I think you would be a great addon for the content Creator team, and you have a +1 from me. The above statement isnt Negative Feedback its Constructive Feedback. Which we ALL need . EDIT: Just realized I used the same color as your post so i changed it LUL!
  5. GentLepp

    Tempest keep bug

    Best bet is to have them die near Kael so they res properly
  6. GentLepp

    DK pet insane heals?

    This is a scaling issue it actually will kill your pet because it heals so much when u get higher gear , We are aware of this working for a fix but it's not an easy fix because of how complex the Scaling system is.
  7. GentLepp

    Bug Characters!!

    Remove patch 8 and 9 and your missing a couple patches ( P ,K, to be exact )
  8. GentLepp

    Takzul's Game Master Application

    You got a +1 from me your a cool dude you report big bugs and dont abuse them when you find them and you have the server in mind most of the time.
  9. GentLepp

    Drawma's GM Application

    I like your app it's very personalized and I can tell you spent some time on it , I like how you answered your questions and I dont have anything i noticed that needs improved on most important thing we need is active gms. Good luck!
  10. GentLepp

    Farming BG.

    Hmm I dont see enough evidence to issue any type of punishment. But that amount of corpses is a lot, try to catch them in the act so we can take measures against them. Thanks for reporting I'll be keeping an eye out for those players
  11. GentLepp

    Weapon Swap

    I'll bring this up with the staff thanks for the suggestion
  12. GentLepp

    Shaman Set Bug

    Glitch seems to have found the issue and resolved it thanks !!! Please check to make sure its correct now delete cache again too
  13. GentLepp

    Shaman Set Bug

    OK thanks Glitch is looking into it
  14. GentLepp

    Shaman Set Bug

    When i checked Ingame they had different stats then the ones you have Screenshots of can you try deleting the "cache" folder in your wow folder to see if that fixes?
  15. GentLepp

    Shaman Set Bug

    Interesting I'll look into this for you! Thanks for the report , Do you know if its only Level 2 and level 8? and is it only legs? I'll let the Dev's know though