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  1. GentLepp

    ban apeal D

    ok lets say for example it was reported 4 months ago where is this proof ( I'd love you to post it)? , Secondly even if it was reported 4 months ago that means its ok to do it? No it does not all is does is makes it look even worse for you because you knew it was a bug and decided to ignore it.
  2. GentLepp

    JI's GM/CC/Dev App

    So i started out bad with you, we worked it out, Your a chill guy after working with you a bit I feel you would be a value to the team. Your pretty decent in knowledgeable I'd like to add you to the content Creator team. So you have a +1 from me Though I know and have seen you get "heated" easily if you do join the team you will need to cool down for things and not get worked up. ( I think you can do this ) Because you will have a position to uphold and we don't want it to negatively effect us or the Community. We also can't play favorites or side with people ( not saying you do, but just informing you). We have to stay neutral on both sides ( again I think you can also do this without an issue ) . But all and all I think you would be a great addon for the content Creator team, and you have a +1 from me. The above statement isnt Negative Feedback its Constructive Feedback. Which we ALL need . EDIT: Just realized I used the same color as your post so i changed it LUL!
  3. GentLepp

    Tempest keep bug

    Best bet is to have them die near Kael so they res properly
  4. GentLepp

    DK pet insane heals?

    This is a scaling issue it actually will kill your pet because it heals so much when u get higher gear , We are aware of this working for a fix but it's not an easy fix because of how complex the Scaling system is.
  5. GentLepp

    Bug Characters!!

    Remove patch 8 and 9 and your missing a couple patches ( P ,K, to be exact )
  6. GentLepp

    Takzul's Game Master Application

    You got a +1 from me your a cool dude you report big bugs and dont abuse them when you find them and you have the server in mind most of the time.
  7. GentLepp

    Drawma's GM Application

    I like your app it's very personalized and I can tell you spent some time on it , I like how you answered your questions and I dont have anything i noticed that needs improved on most important thing we need is active gms. Good luck!
  8. GentLepp

    Farming BG.

    Hmm I dont see enough evidence to issue any type of punishment. But that amount of corpses is a lot, try to catch them in the act so we can take measures against them. Thanks for reporting I'll be keeping an eye out for those players
  9. GentLepp

    Weapon Swap

    I'll bring this up with the staff thanks for the suggestion
  10. GentLepp

    Shaman Set Bug

    Glitch seems to have found the issue and resolved it thanks !!! Please check to make sure its correct now delete cache again too
  11. GentLepp

    Shaman Set Bug

    OK thanks Glitch is looking into it
  12. GentLepp

    Shaman Set Bug

    When i checked Ingame they had different stats then the ones you have Screenshots of can you try deleting the "cache" folder in your wow folder to see if that fixes?
  13. GentLepp

    Shaman Set Bug

    Interesting I'll look into this for you! Thanks for the report , Do you know if its only Level 2 and level 8? and is it only legs? I'll let the Dev's know though
  14. GentLepp

    Druid entangling roots, force of nature

    Looking into this for ya! Thanks for reporting Regarding the little white Stallion Bridle we are working on the speed issue with it , We did how ever see it disappears after you use it , Which we have fixed that , Looking into the speed issue , and the Druid issue's also
  15. GentLepp

    Flare of Havoc / Change my XXX tokens

    I like the idea of changing then for weapon and armor shards too, we just have to make it a smaller amount then current raids ect. Because we don't want to make it too easy or better then running raids , so maybe increase the amount raids drop? And make the tokens 10 = 1 shard or something similar. My 2 cents for it