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  1. Memories

    Gm app lucyfer.

    1)Age? I'm 20 years old. 2) What are your In-game character names [Names that players would most know you by]? Lucyfer etc... 3) How long have you currently been with us on HavocWoW and what are your contributions up to this point? Around 1 year and a half. 4) What is your timezone? UTC+1 / UTC+2. 5) How many hours do you spend In-game on a day to day basis? Around 3 hours per day more or less. 6) Have or do you currently play Retail, if so; how long and which expansions? Yes I played on retail when I was younger during the period of WOD. 7) Have you ever been banned In-Game or on the Forums? If so; specify the reason and duration. No. 8.)Have you ever made another application(s) on HavocWoW before? If so; please provide a link to the thread and details. No. 9) Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience and how fluent are you with Trinity Core commands? I know some of the commands but i can't say i master it. I'm a fast learner so it won't be a problem for me. 10) Why do you feel that you would be a good addition to the HavocWoW Staff Team and what do you bring to an already thriving Staff Team? I play here for a long time I very often helped the old gamemaster fixed some problems on the server. Fix classes for example. I play a lot in PVE which will allow me to promote this path of play within the server. 11) Briefly describe yourself within 350 or less words. (Please include your first name, where you live, your personal interests and your age). I'm Nicolas, i live in France at paris but i travel a lot to Geneva for work. I have my own company in real estate investing. scholarship I very quickly left school right after graduation. Despite this I managed by reading a lot of book on investment to get into his and today I live my investments and I benefit my clients. I'm just 20 years old and full of passion like the race that allows me to escape and video games in general. 12)Approximately how many hours weekly are you willing to dedicate if you are hired ? I will give approximately the same playing time as my time as a player. 13)What qualities do you possess that can be beneficial for our server ? I am extremely patient and passionate in everything I do if I become GM it is not to wait in my corner to read my tickets. If I am promoted it is to advance the server and make it better to allow our players to enjoy a unique experience with us. 14)What would you do if a player is doing something wrong and yet there is no rule against it ? After freezing it to avoid that degraded the gaming experience of other players I will contact a gamemaster of a higher rank who can take action. 15)What would you do if you catch a player being disrespectful towards a staff member ? Well, for me the question does not arise only to the staff but to any players, in fact no one has to be disrespectful to a GM or a normal player. 16)Can you, please briefly outline the contributions you currently make to the Community ? I was able at times to help the old CCs fix classes and instances. I also greatly benefited the community from my knowledge of wow when GM was not online to avoid unnecessary tickets. 17)If you get accepted, can you please tell us on which position would you like to emphasize on? Is it GM or DEV/CC ? Why ? I will take the place of a gamemaster at the beginning because I do not have a sufficiently developed knowledge in the field of programming to promote myself as CC or Dev but I can learn to take care of these different roles if necessary . 18)Everyone has their own definition of ''teamwork''. What is yours ? Communication, solidarity, unity 19) Anything you would like to add? (optional question) I've been playing on havoc for a long time now and I've always been keen to develop the craze around the server becoming GM will allow me to continue this but with the ability to help more players if something happens to them. Scenario Questions [Mandatory] 1. A Player makes a ticket asking you to give him items because he is unable to get them himself, such as original Legendary Weapons, how do you respond? Well, my decision will be taken after a discussion with the player on these intentions with this item indeed if it is to make the RP and that it has no influence on the server why not but if it is for a purpose of farm so will obviously be a no. 2. You have muted a player for being disrespectful towards the Staff, he then makes a Ticket cussing, insulting and persistently insults you and/or other staff members, what do you do? I give him one last warning if he persists I will be forced to ask a GM of a higher rank of the sanctioned if I can not do it myself. 3. You find a player hacking on our Server, what do you do to minimize the situation, if you're unable to ban him? First I freeze it to prevent it hurts the gameplay of other players. After that I contact directly a GM of higher rank so that he can sanction it. 4. Your friends are asking you to host an Event so they're able to get a new mount or another available reward they currently do not have, how do you proceed? There are two possibilities: Firstly, there are only them who could benefit from it and in this case it will instantly be a no. Either there are enough people online on the server to organize an event and in this case I start by making an announcement on the chat and on the discord so that a maximum of people can participate. 5. You first come online and you notice that there are 2 other Staff Members online yet there is still a high number of tickets active but have remained un-answered, what would you do to help but avoid the same situation in the future? I do not waste time and I start directly to answer the tickets. If a problem is recurring I take note and tell my colleagues so that he can settle or make an announcement on the discord.